Tuesday, 3 July 2018

SPSH - A Trip To Bath

Bath is always my lucky place for finding images for the scavenger hunt. Here's yesterday's finds:

No 4 | wings. This is the back view of the Angel of Peace, a memorial to King Edward VII which is in Parade Gardens in Bath. I was too much of a cheapskate to pay the entry fee, hence the back view only!

No 5 | pedal power. I took this photo just in case I didn't find a better one for this prompt. I was hoping to find the bike riding skeleton but it wasn't out on display yesterday.

No 6 | glorious green. This is getting close to the photo I was hoping for but I've lost the detail in the sky, so will have to try again!

No 11| pretty in pink. This year's sculpture trail around Bath is Minerva's Owls and this is the only pink one.

No 12 | bells. Not one but twelve! A local pub sign.

No 14 | a trilogy of three. These three old petrol pumps are in Steeple Ashton and are very well known, even appearing on some maps.

No 17 | re-purposed. This is another 'just in case' one, a telephone kiosk re-purposed to display plants.

I have seven more left to find:
the rosiness of red
an unexpected reflection
a pile of
looks smaller than you
equal portions
out of the blue
picture postcard perfect


  1. Having a photo challenge like this must really make you keep your eyes open. SUch lovely photos too, thanks for sharing them. xx

  2. I love the phone booth turned into a plant stand! That owl looks very cute!

  3. These are all great takes on the prompts - in particular the owl and the angel statue. And the petrol pumps!

  4. Wonderful finds! I especially love the "wings" and think the back view is probably just perfect for this prompt. The phone booth repurpose is another favorite.

  5. All of these are some amazing finds for the SPSH. Well done you!

  6. Oh, these are fantastic finds! I especially like the trilogy of old pumps, such a neat vintage find! And the repurposed telephone booth is great!