Saturday, 14 July 2018


Well the garden is happy. We had some rain yesterday, not nearly enough, but the plants don't look quite so desperate this morning.  According to the weather app on my phone, the next lot of rain is due on Friday, so no real let up with the heat.

Later this mornng it's the penultimate band practice of the current academic year. The children are playing so well that it's a shame we are taking a break. This happens every year, as the standard drops over the summer break due to lack of practice, but at least they are enthusiastic when we return in September. 

This afternoon and evening will be spent quietly at home, movng as little as possible. I've somehow managed to hurt my other knee so, once again, walking is painful. It's nowhere near as bad as before and I don't think I've torn the cartilage as the pain is in the back of my knee, radiating down to my calf muscle. I haven't tried Dr Google yet but will probably give in and self diagnose. I will make a doctor's appointment if there is no improvement by Sunday. In the meantime it seems like the ideal opportunity to catch up with the reruns of Doctor Who on BBC iPlayer.


  1. I'm really enjoying the reruns and look forward to being able to make sense of a few episodes that just didn't make sense the first time (or the second time!)
    Do you think the other knee is sore because you're walking differently (because of the first knee)?
    And finally, of course it will rain on Friday - that's when the schools break up. It always rains then!

  2. Not a drop of rain here, the poor garden is desperate, so hot, phew xx

  3. Sorry to hear about your knee! Good idea to rest it. Maybe apply some ice, too? Hope it feels better soon; if not, definitely have it checked by your doctor. Glad you got some rain! We last had rain in May. :)