Monday, 21 September 2015

Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... happy after a lovely weekend spent in the company of friends, old and new.  It's been one of those weekends which, although it was busy,  has left me feeling rested and able to tackle the coming week.
Saturday started, as usual, with band practice; quite a lively session this week with a couple of new players there for their first session, as well as trying to teach the other children how to play a tango rhythm!
After band I was invited to join Julie and three of her daughters to a pub lunch to celebrate Julie's birthday.  The food was tasty and the girls are always good fun so it was a lovely treat, all paid for by one of the daughters.

Back at home later than expected on Saturday, I abandoned my plans to do some housework (any excuse, it doesn't take much!) and settled down to watch 'Lewis' on the TV and then have an early night.

On Sunday I'd organised a photo walk in Corsham with a couple of new friends I met through the meet up events.  The theme for the walk was 'patterns'; this time we all wandered around together and were so engrossed in our search for suitable subjects that the time just flew by - when we checked, we been out for nearly two hours but it only seem like a few minutes. 

It was a brilliant afternoon.  We met in a coffee shop, wandered round photographing patterns for a couple of hours and then it was back to the coffee shop to share our photos with each other.  It's always fun to see the difference in our photos; although we'd walked round together, we'd all spotted different things and taken completely different photos.  The photos in this post are some of the ones I took on this walk.

Sunday night was spent at home, getting ready for a week of teaching.  I seem to spend my life charging batteries for the iPod speaker I carry around with me!  I finally remembered to give my cornet and tenor horn their long overdue baths, so am feeling quite chuffed with myself for getting it done.

I opted for an early night again on Sunday, choosing to finish my book instead of watching the television.  I've been reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova, chosen by one of the books groups I go to, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I didn't dislike it but it didn't live up to my expectations, considering the reviews it's had.  Has anyone else read it yet?

It seemed strange to get ready for work this morning, because in my mind I have already retired ... but the reality is that I have to keep going for a little while longer yet.  I've had a lot of positive support from people and now that it has had a bit more time to sink in, I am even more convinced that I have made the right decision.

I have a two hour gap between schools today so I'm hoping to meet a friend for lunch.  This is dependant on her boss being in a good mood and allowing her to take an early lunch break, so fingers crossed please!

Hope you all have a good Monday. 

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  1. fabulous collection of patterns from your walk - have a great week

  2. Love these photos! Some really clever perceptions - the shopping trollies, car and tree stump in particular.

  3. A great selection of patterns

  4. It's obvious how much you enjoyed your walk: this is such a strong collection of pictures. That doorbell is very like the one we used to have in our old house, which I miss.

    Have a great week Eileen (sounds like you will now your decision is made..)

  5. Sounded like a great weekend with lots of fun and that you felt rested to tackle the week ahead!


  6. your decision sounds like a good one and one to look forward to. have a good week Eileen x

  7. super photos and you sound so positive about your weekend. I hope you get your retirement date soon so you can plan for the future a little more

  8. Sounds like a good weekend. Hope you got to have lunch with your friend. xx