The Simple Woman's Daybook - Saturday 26th Sept 2015

Outside my window ...  the light is fading.  It'll soon be dark  
I am thinking ... about what my life will be like after my imminent retirement. I admit to being excited about the possibilities.

I am thankful ... for just about everything really.  Life is good at the moment.

In the kitchen ... I just have the washing up to finish and then everything has been tidied away for today.  The fridge is full with chicken, lamb, and fresh vegetables for a major cooking spree tomorrow.

I am wearing ... my fleecy dressing gown, all cosy for a quiet night in front of the television.

I am creating ... records on the children I teach, to hand over to their new teacher. 

I am going ... to visit one of the primary schools in town on Wednesday, taking lots of brass instruments with me and hoping to get some new players for the band. 

I am wondering ... how long it will take Head Office to recruit a replacement for me.  I've agreed to keep working until that happens, but may have to review that decision if it is going to take too long.

I am reading ... The Norfolk Mystery by Ian Sansom. It's not a book I'll be recommending to anyone - the main character is irritating - but I hope to finish it.  I don't like giving up on a book once I've started it.
I am hoping ...  that the horrible tickle I have at the back of my throat isn't the start of a cold.  I usually get one at this time of the year - it's pretty much unavoidable when I am regularly exposed to the germs in eight different schools.
I am looking forward to ... a trip to the Harry Potter Experience next month.  I've wanted to visit this for ages, but each attempt has fallen through.  I have my ticket booked, so it's definitely going to happen this time.
I am learning ... that keeping to a routine suits me.  I feel better and am more productive if I keep some structure in my life.
Around the house ...  there is a pile of band instruments ready for the presentation next Wednesday - they are taking up a lot of space in the hall.  Apart from that, it's all reasonably tidy - I just have the laundry to finish off tomorrow.
I am pondering ... whether to keep all of my instrument when I finally retire.  The saxophone will definitely go (as I don't enjoy playing it), as will the oboe.  I still have to make my mind up about the flute and the clarinet, but I'll probably keep them for the time being and see if opportunities present themselves for me to keep playing them.  The brass instruments are obviously staying.

One of my favourite things ... losing myself in a good book.
A few plans for the rest of the week ...
  • Sunday: housework and cooking
  • Monday: teaching
  • Tuesday: teaching in the afternoon and the book group meeting in the evening
  • Wednesday: teaching in the morning and a band presentation in the afternoon
  • Thursday: nothing planned
  • Friday: teaching
  • Saturday: band practice in the morning followed by an afternoon in the garden, weather permitting

A peek into my day ... this morning was the usual band practice, followed by an afternoon and evening at home doing nothing very much at all. 
A favourite quote for today ...
"Don't lose hope.  You never know what tomorrow may bring." Unknown


  1. Sounds like you are more than ready for retirement gal. Hope it don't take them too long :)

  2. I do agree with keeping a routine and then through it that flexibility factor :)


  3. Hope they find your replacement soon! My son is a sophomore, and has played the clarinet since 5th grade - he grew up listening to my Big Band tunes and had visions of being the next Benny Goodman, lol... he lettered in band last year, and still loves it - but not quite Benny's replacement just yet!
    Hope you have an awesome week :)


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