Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... enjoying the last few days of my holiday before work starts again on Friday.
The weekend was packed, but fun.  Band practice resumed on Saturday morning and it was good to see everyone again.  Hardly anyone had done any serious practicing, although a few of them admitting to some last minute panic playing on the Friday night! Some of the ex members came back to play with us before they return to their university courses, so all in all it was a good morning. 
As soon as band had finished and I locked the school, I drove over to Chippenham to collect Lyn for a rushed visit to West Kington Nurseries, a wholesale plant nursery which opens to the general public two or three times a year to raise money for charity.  We didn't have a lot of time as Lyn needed to be home by 3:00pm, but we managed to buy our chosen plants and it was much cheaper than at the garden centres. 
Yesterday was a trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, meeting up with friends for a photography walk around the park.  I took lots of pictures and they now have to be edited when I can find the time! I actually didn't take as many as the rest because one of my friends had problems with her camera (it just stopped working and we couldn't sort it out) so I spent a lot of the time walking and talking with her so that she didn't feel left out.
Today I'm off house hunting with Julie.  We viewed one last week and she saw another on Saturday and we're off to see her third possibility today, and then she'll make her decision.  It'll be all systems go then, and she could be moving in about six weeks. Please keep your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong for her.
If the weather holds, I hope to spent the afternoon in the garden.  I have the final corner to tidy and I need to plant my purchases from Saturday - Japanese Blood Grass and Heuchera Crème Brulee. If I have enough time, I hope to fit in a trip to the skip to dispose of the garden waste.
Hope you all had a good weekend.
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  1. wow that was a busy weekend but sounds satisfyingly creative and friendly too

  2. That sounds like a satisfyingly good weekend. Oh, I've just noticed that Helena used the same word! I'm thinking a trip to the skip might be described the same way.

    Have a good week Eileen

  3. What a busy time. It must be nice to have old band members coming back. Your Heuchera sounds good enough to eat!

  4. Wonderful close up of your newly acquired flower/plant. There are some great buys to be had at the local nurseries as they clear out before the winter sets in. If there wasn't such a big pond in between us, I'd share some of my garden thinning, the hosta and daylilies have really taken over! I hope you have a great week. All possible body parts are crossed for house success for Julie.

  5. Looks like you've had a busy time of it and try to sort out a move at the same time.

  6. It doesn't seem possible that its time for you to go back to work already on Friday! Time went by so fast! Sounded like a nice weekend! I do hope your friend does find her home so very soon so she can get settled into it!


  7. Sounds a busy but fun weekend. I could do with visiting a garden centre ... autumn has truly struck my garden so I need to find some plants that are attractive at this time of the year. You were so lovely to your friend on the photography walk - what a fab friend you are x

  8. we love the cotswold wildlife park. I hope you captured some good shots.

  9. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend, I hope that this week is going just as well! xx


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