Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... thankful to be back at home and able to dry out in the warm after an unsuccessful day dodging the raindrops getting from my car to the schools and vice versa.  Did it only pour down when I was going to and from my car, or is that just my imagination?  Anyway, I squelched my way through all the lessons and at least I don't need to water the garden tonight.

It's been a frustrating day of teaching - lots of forgotten instruments (even though they were reminded at school on Friday and I emailed the parents), getting used to new teaching spaces and negotiating the new timetable for music lessons so that I don't have too much wasted time between lessons and schools.  Monday is not going to be a good day from that point of view; I'll have a two hour gap between schools and it won't be worth going home (too far), so I'll have to work out how I'm going to occupy my enforced free time.
It was a quiet weekend with band practice on Saturday morning (starting two new players), and a pub quiz with friends on Sunday night.  Apart from that I was pottering about at home, feeling busy but not actually doing very much at all.  It was a weekend of reading, trying new recipes (green tomato curry (not sure it's a keeper) and baked onion bhajis (yummy!)), watching TV, and catching up with some much needed sleep.
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  1. That has got to be a nightmare for kids to forget their instruments. Its not like you can lend them a pen or a pencil or paper if they forgot that. I do like weekends when I don't do much; makes it sometimes more restful.


  2. A two hour gap sounds a bit frustrating for sure. I'd use it for knitting socks probably. How about a bit of sketching?

    Hope the rest of the week is better than Monday!

  3. Lovely photo of raindrops on sweetpeas. A two hour mid day gap, maybe a chance to catch up with reading or some time to day dream or draw. Do you mediate? Hope you have a dried week and that all the little minds in your class are focused to remembering instruments :)

  4. I probably take the time to read a book and catch up on blog reading from my phone x

  5. My other half teachers keyboard in schools, his gripe is forgotten books as he keeps a keyboard in the schools for them to practise on ... can't really carry one to school. I'd suggest paper work for your 2 hours but it can be difficult to find space in a school and impractical in your car.

  6. Oh gosh my kids weren't much good at their musical instruments but I don't think they ever forgot them . The lessons cost too much for that! Lovely picture.

  7. How frustrating that the children forgot their instruments and that you have 2 hrs in between schools, hopefully you can find something enjoyable and worthwhile doing in that time.
    Green tomato chutney? One of my favourites! I have a number of jars from a previous year, they have kept well and I will be sad when I run out. I have lots of green tomatoes freshly picked from the garden but sadly no time to make chutney this year, unless they stay green long enough.

  8. Hope you can work out the odd two hours. The rest of the time sounds as though it is going to - hopefully! - be quite musical and the two hours will no doubt add to the musical chairs feeling! xx


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