Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Taking Stock

I'm procrastinating! I should be dealing with today's post which brought complicated forms to be completed and returned, but writing a blog post is much more fun.  Even though I don't have anything to say! Still, that's never stopped me before, so here goes ...
It's been a bit of a dodging the rain showers sort of day but I've managed to get in and out of my schools without getting soaked, so I'm counting that as a plus. Usually behaviour in schools is challenging when the children can't go outside to play in their breaks, but even though they'd been inside all day the behaviour was exemplary in the school this afternoon, so I'm counting that as a plus.
The forms to initiate my pension arrived today so it looks like the first payment will be made on the due date even though I was late in applying, so I'm counting that as a plus.
I've nearly run out of books but I've had a text from my sister asking if I'm ready for any more as she's having a clear out, so I'm counting that as a plus.
I've been shopping to fill up the store cupboard and lots of my choices were on offer, either reduced or BOGOF, so I'm counting that as a plus. I've also been giving a load of potatoes, some green tomatoes, and some apple and pears from my friend's allotment, all of which will help reduce the food bill, so I'm counting that as a plus.
All things considered, it's been a good day and I'm grateful that it has gone so well.  I have a quiet evening at home to look forward to; there are a couple of programmes I want to watch on TV, a phone call to a friend to catch up with her news, and of course, plenty of time to read my latest book.
Life is good!


  1. Whoop for small pleasures and things falling into place! I never did get any allotment surplus, and now my colleague, who has a place in Spain, tells me she has been binning grapes for months. Tsk! Anyway, main purpose of the comment is to say that the photo is fantastic. It reminds me of ice cream, though I know it shouldn't...

  2. Such a pretty rose :) All great pluses in my book!!!


  3. Sounds like a day with lots of plusses! That has to be good doesn't it. I hope that you can work the forms out! xx

  4. Love the days that bring such positives. Lovely photo of the rose, it is perfect. Hope the rest of your week continues as well.