Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Year in Books | September 2015

After last month's unsatisfactory choices of books, I'm happy to say that my August choices were much more to my liking and I've enjoyed some good reads.
I'll start with the book group choices.  The first group chose The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, not my usual genre and a book it's unlikely I would have chosen myself.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I have the other two books in the trilogy earmarked to read this month.  The second group opted for The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, again not a book I would have chosen myself.  It was a good read but I was a bit disappointed by the ending, as were other members of the book group, and although I liked the descriptive style of Water's writing I felt that the actual storyline drifted a little in places. 

I finally managed to get round to reading I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, something I've been meaning to read for months but never found the time to. It didn't disappoint and was definitely worth the wait; a page turner which completely lived up to my expectations. 

Two crime thrillers to finish my reading list for August - The Doll's House by M J Arlidge and The Bird That Did Not Sing by Alex Gray.  I wanted something undemanding and easy to read and these two met that brief.  They were both enjoyable reads, kept my attention, and both of them had decent endings - I'm so fed up with books that don't tie up the loose ends at the end of the story!
On to September, and my choices for this month are:
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  1. I read The Paying Guests while I was on holiday and I loved her evocation of the time so much I felt in the end that the story became the least important bit. I hope it makes it onto TV ..because I know I'll love the costumes!

  2. Adding some of these books to my reading list :) I just finished After You by Julie Buxbaum; a very good read!


  3. The Hunger games films are firm favourite. I keep thinking I should read the books x

  4. Still Alice (book) is a wonderful read. While it is a work of fiction the story parallels my Family Doctor's story, so the book made me cry. I thought the series of The Hunger Games was well written, just not a fan of the topic.

  5. The Hunger Games film was on the other day, I couldn't bear watching it. I find the whole idea far too scary. My kids loved the books but I won't go near them.... Alex Gray is a local crime fiction writer, I am quite sure one of her books is set in our neighbourhood in Glasgow. Can't remember which one though. Can I suggest another crime author to you? She is a friend of Alex Gray and is called Caro Ramsay. We did our Forensic Medicine and Science diploma together. The first books is called Absolution. x

  6. I loved the Hunger Games books (so much better than the films) - as you like them you may well enjoy the Veronica Roth teenage fiction - it is a trilogy but I followed the advice of many reviews and only read the 1st 2

  7. I hope you enjoy a good months reading!!! xx