Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Day 104: A Wintery Walk

Entirely my own fault but it has been a very stressful morning. I left some urgent printing to the last minute (!) so of course the laptop wouldn't play nicely and a 20 minutes job ended up taking nearly two hours. In the end I saved the files to a memory stick and toddled off to the Tech Guy, who printed everything for me. It serves me right for leaving it so late but at least it's done now. 

On the way back home I decided on a spur of the moment walk around the marina. It's bitterly cold and has highlighted the fact that I need to get some warmer clothes for walking, but I enjoyed a few minutes in the bright sun. 

Now I just have to finish planning lessons for tomorrow, which'll take me about another 30 minutes,  and then the rest of the day is my own. I'm fairly sure that I'll be turning the heating up, choosing a new book and settling down for a cosy afternoon and evening in the living room.


  1. That is one bright, sharp photo ! So clear and crisp and wintery!

  2. I hope you're lovely and warm now.
    J x

  3. Lovely photo. Yes I regretted not taking a coat today.

  4. Like the sunlight streaming on to the houses - glad you got your photos printed.