Day 102: Monday Catch Up

I obviously wore myself out with all that shopping yesterday because I overslept this morning. 

It's the start of the local Christmas Tree Festival today and the band is entering a tree. The children have made the decorations and I'm meeting with some of the players later this afternoon to set our tree up in the church. Unfortunately I forgot to bring all the decorations home with me on Saturday so as a priority I had to call into the Town Hall (where the band is based) and collect everything so that I didn't upset any of the children by failing to use their home made decorations ... the glitter and glue is still wet on some of them and they're all sticking together, but that's the joy of working with young children!  

the tall building with the clock tower is the Town Hall, now an arts centre

I think the rest of the afternoon will be taken up with packing away all of my goodies from yesterday's birthday/shopping trip. Probably as a result of the depression I've been putting off buying things for the home so yesterday was all about choosing what I wanted. For the dining room I've bought the picture shelf, picture frames and plant stand I've been wanting for a long time. In the kitchen I've replaced my dinner service and cutlery, bought some extra mugs to match the dinner service, some replacement cooking utensils and a (long overdue) recycling bin. I found two lampshades I like for the playroom upstairs, plus a waste paper bin and for the small bedroom I managed to get a duvet set to fit in with my chosen colour scheme. Even though I haven't started using any of it yet, I can feel the 'relief' of breaking through that wall to treat myself to things I wanted/needed. It's another big leap forward on the recovery front!


  1. I'm sure the tree is brilliant. I used to have a 'Great Year One Christmas Tree Decoration' competition each year and what's what I used for the classroom tree and it always looked fab. Fond memories - one of the things I really do miss.
    J x

  2. WOW that all sounds like a positive step forward & getting a duvet cover set to match a colour scheme is brilliant. Recovery from depression can take a while, so pleased to hear you are on that forward journey, be gentle with yourself :)

  3. Oh I'm thinking about bedroom decor at the moment and I have no idea which way to go... Well done you. (I think I need you as my shopping companion!)


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