Day 82: Bits and Bobs

I had an appointment to see the doctor this morning so took the opportunity to catch up with things in town.

Last week I booked a couple of holidays online, both photography holidays and both in the UK, and at the time I made a mental note to go into the travel agencies and see what other types of holidays are on offer. I always think it's better to have the brochures rather than keep changing screens online so I've come home with 10 different brochures to sit and work my way through. I want to book at least one more holiday for next year and at the moment (bearing in mind I haven't read any of the brochures) I'm thinking about a week in New York. 

I also dropped another load of stuff off at the skip and one box to a charity shop, so that's cleared some more space at home. Then a trip to Sainsburys to stock up on veggies and lentils as I want to do some bulk cooking and freeze as individuals meals.

I had time for a walk through the park on my way to the surgery. The results were disappointing this morning; even though I've been doing plenty of walking and daily exercise, my blood pressure was way too high so I have to have blood tests and return in one month. 

It's pouring with rain now and I've just noticed that the bird feeders need to be topped up. Again! These birds are costing me a fortune. I think that'll have to be an after-I've-finished-teaching job though. In a few minutes I'm off to my Tuesday afternoon school and once I've finished there I need to drive over to Melksham to deliver a birthday card. Then it'll be back home for a roast dinner (probably lamb but it might be pork) and an evening flicking through the holiday brochures.


  1. Great photo - it is such a leading one. I just came in from the chilly morning after filling the bird feeders & dropping little piles of black sunflower seeds about for my chipmunks. I agree about the cost of seed! Mr Man says it's one of the reasons I need to stay working! (col).

  2. I'm sorry for your disappointment but aren't we lucky to still have a system where these worries can be investigated without impoverishment.
    Enjoy those brochures!
    J x

  3. Hi Eileen, how are you? Always very busy. Very good vacation and sightseeing. Magnificent photography of autumn. Hugs, Ailime

  4. Great photo. Love it!
    The blood pressure thing is very odd - and of course the more you dwell on it the worse it is for you. Hope it was just a blip, or at the very least the get to an explanation for you.


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