Day 81: Kitchen Quiz

It's a kitchen duties sort of day today. I have friends coming round for a shared late lunch later on so am cooking these ingredients (+ others!) for my contribution to the meal. Can you guess what I'm cooking? It's a nice easy quiz, just say what you see 😁😁


  1. I would do cauliflower cheese!
    J x

  2. Well cauliflower with cheese does sound quite tasty, hope you enjoy your lunch. I think that cauliflower should be named the vegetable of 2018 - it is becoming quite the star in many meals, especially for vegetarians.

  3. Sorry - no idea. Can I have another clue?
    Just jesting. (Are you sure you have enough cheese though?!)

    1. Ha ha. The extra cheese was grated and put in the freezer.

  4. One of my favourites. Cauliflower cheese.


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