Day 89: Raindrops

I've chosen the same subject as Maggie today - great minds think alike! Although in my case it was because there is a distinct lack of interest in the garden at the moment. Still a bit of autumn colour and the violas, but no shrubs doing interesting things so any suggestions for smallish shrubs which will flower/have berries at this time of the year will be very much appreciated.

I'm waiting in for a delivery for the band. I've ordered two brand new cornets for the juniors so will be preparing them for playing as soon as they arrive, ready to be issued on Saturday. I have 90 minutes teaching in a local school this afternoon and then that's it for the day. Tonight, I'd like to do a bit more sorting/clearing out and then a bit more research on my family tree.


  1. Magnificent raindrops
    I have loved the photo.

  2. Yes great minds indeed. You have captured them beautifully.


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