Day 99: T. G. F. B. F!

Or to give it it's full title ... Thank Goodness For Black Friday!

I don't usually bother with it but this year it is a necessity. My laptop has finally given up so a replacement is now urgently needed. A quick search and the one I want from Dell has 15% price reduction plus free postage, saving me approx £140 overall. Add that to the £100 already saved on the new printer and I have enough money to update my editing software with some money to spare. I just have to get on and order it it all now ... using the iPad (which'll be the next thing to be replaced, hopefully in the January sales.

It's not much of a photo today but does sum up a regular feature of my life during school terms ... arriving at the school early and using the time to sit in the car and read. I don't usually have chocolate but today it was essential to my well being!


  1. Haha! I was wondering what TGFBF stood for before I clicked on the post. (And I see your photo could work for "Thank Crunchie it's Friday!" too. Am I showing my age?!)
    Glad you got over yesterday's doledrums (hope so anyway) and congrats on the new purchases. I hate IT shopping so I'm impressed you even knew what you wanted and dared buy it online. I got a new laptop a few months ago and I'm still using the old one, I hate it so much!
    Look forward to hearing about your new editing software - that's another thing I need to sort for the new machine.... :o(

    1. Haha, yes I think you may be showing your age 😂

  2. I'm not a fan of the concept of Black Friday at all, but if it was something you needed anyway and you get a reduction it makes sense. We bought a huge bag of cat food online because it had 10% off so why pay more in a fortnight when we'd have had to get anyway!

  3. Nothing like a good read & a little bit of chocolate to take care of the doledrums. For me it would be a bag of jube jubes - they are my go to treat when stressed, when happy, when for what ever (col). Yeah to getting yourself some new equipment! Yeah to you for knowing what you wanted ... I am not loving technology at the moment either at home or at work.


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