Day 83: Nordic Walking

I took today's photo whilst we were waiting for the Nordic Walking to start. We were determined to be on time, actually arriving 20 minutes too early, so I pottered around the car park with my phone and took some photos of the river bank and the willows.

As for the Nordic walking ... I loved it! I can see it will be something I can do regularly and I'll definitely benefit from the exercise. My friend found it more difficult and has been advised to go on a one-to-one session so I don't know yet whether she plans to commit to it. If she does, I will still go to the Monday session in Malmesbury with her but I will also investigate a group closer to home, in Avebury, for myself. Malmesbury is a 50 minute drive each way where Avebury is only 25 minutes each way, so there's a big difference in terms of time and effort to get to the meeting points. I'll aim to do two walks a week once I've done the introductory session but my first priority will be to invest in some new walking boots as my existing ones aren't up to the job.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. :-)
    J x

  2. Great that you've found something you can get your teeth into like that. I've read that Nordic walking burns way more calories than normal walking, and is significantly better for the joints. Hope to hear more about your new hobby in time to come. Enjoy!

  3. Yeah for Nordic walking - nice photo of the willows & river. I think two walks a week is a good starting point. Between your walking groups & Lady Ella's groups, I am determined to find a group to walk with, that way I can explore further afield.

  4. What a lovely setting for it.
    I've seen Nordic walking but I don't think I would take to it myself as I can't coordinate moving my arms and legs!
    So pleased that you are enjoying it, though :)


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