Day 96: My New Toy

I've finally got my act together and bought a new printer. This one has the ecotanks of ink, filled from bottles, rather than the small expensive ink cartridges and is a much cheaper system to run. I've used bulk ink tanks on my previous printers, but as add-on systems, whereas this one has the bulk tanks integral to the printer. It's only 4 colour printing rather than the 6 colour printing I'm used to but, with improvements in the quality of the inks and the actual printing capabilities, I'm hoping that the difference won't be too obvious. It was a black-tag purchase in Currys, reduced by £100, and is also a scanner and copier. I'm treating it as an early Christmas present to myself!

Changing the subject, I've added word verification to comments as I'm getting lots of spam comments. I can't see what form the word verification takes so if it is a problem, please will you let me know. I'm hoping it is the sort where you just have to check a box to say you are not a robot.


  1. A very nice new toy too. I love a new printer!
    J x

  2. (it didn't ask me to verify)

  3. Now you've got me thinking I "need" one as well! Will be interested to hear what you think of it.

  4. You have obviously been on Santa's nice list all year - what a wonderful treat & on sale to boot - perfect.


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