Day 103: Sorting and Planning

There's no daily photo today. My laptop seems to be sulking and keeps crashing so I can't convert a photo to upload - it's obviously heard that it's days are numbered and a new model will soon be winging it's way to me.

I've found homes for all my new goodies and just have to arrange for someone to put the picture shelf up and I need to assemble the plant stand. I then have to decide what to do with the old dinner service, cutlery and odds and ends of kitchen utensils - probably another trip to the charity shop.  

I only had 90 minutes of teaching this afternoon so I put the rest of my time to good use, looking at the possibility of a trip to London in January to see the Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library, a musical (haven't decided which one) and a catch up with friends. I'm just waiting to hear back from one person and then I'll make a decision about the musical and book my tickets. I find January and February quite difficult at the best of times so, knowing that I'm not feeling 100%, I want to make sure I have things to look forward.


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