Day 93: Bye Bye Patio

Where did all this cold weather come from? At least I didn't have to de-ice the car this morning, which was just as well as I was late leaving home. I think I can safely say that I won't be sitting out on the patio again for the next few months. 

The patio furniture has been one of my better buys and has been well used. I'd planned to move it into the garage during the winter months but that's not going to happen this year as I'm storing all the spare tubas and trombones for the band, so there is no room to move let alone find room for the table and seats.

I've finally managed to clear some of the garden - you can see the bags filled with the results of my labours lined up against the garage wall, waiting to go to the skip next week. There's still plenty to do but I'm feeling more confident of getting it done now. I have next week to get it finished and then we're into the carol playing season when there will be no time for anything but Christmas music ... best time of the year!


  1. We haven't got room to store ours in our garage so we bought protective covers for ours. I also painted over them with clear matt varnish [horrible job] as soon as we got them.

  2. I agree it's always a sad time of year when all the patio things get put away. For us these things won't come out again until late April early May.

  3. Not planning to eat your Christmas dinner out there then?!!


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