Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Advent Calendar Door 1

Some tinsel, photographed in Bath on Sunday so unfortunately I can't use it for the Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt.
Instead of having one of the mass produced chocolate calendars, I've created my own Advent Calendar this year.  Each day there is either a Christmassy thing to do or a small gift to enjoy, and of course there is always a chocolate to eat!
Today it's a 'to do' thing - the book group Christmas meal.
Linking with Julie @ Julie's Scrapbook


  1. Thank you or joining in
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Clever idea to do your own Advent calendar :) When the kids were young we would make a chain link of the days before Christmas. Each night they cut off a link of the chain until there was no more left and Christmas was the next day :)


  3. Oooh, I love this photo! Brilliant to see tinsel up close- I must go and stalk some tinsel!x
    I am also joining in with this and I will try to do your Winter Scavenger hunt too Eileen! Nice to see you again!x

  4. I like your idea of your own Advent calendar, I hope you enjoyed your meal with the book group. I am also joining in posting for the advent calendar - thanks for the link.

  5. although I'm a traditional red, green and gold kinda gal I do love the colours of that tinsel. I like the idea of your own advent calendar i do try and do something different each day with the children but it doesn't always pan out as life gets in the way but we are doing our book advent again this year x

  6. Enjoy your to doing advent! Sounds as though it is going to be a lot of fun! xx

  7. What a great idea re your own advent calendar, shall have to remember this for next year. Xx