Friday, 18 December 2015

All About ... this Winter

Back in September I made a list of activities to do during the autumn.  I'd done this before in the summer and it had worked well for me.  Not only did it keep me busy but it was good to have things in my diary to look forward to, so I'm adopting this approach for each season of the year.  

Here's my winter list so far, taking me up to March:
It's not a long list this time as I like to cuddle up at home in the cold weather and this will just be enough to keep me going during the first three months of the year.  There may also be an early January trip to London to see Matthew Bourne's gothic version of Sleeping Beauty but I'm still trying to find affordable public transport.
In addition I'll have my regular social events, i.e, photo walks, games evenings, book groups, recorder group, curry nights and quiz nights.  I also hope to join a local U3A choir which meets on Monday mornings.

In between times, I'll be continuing with the plans to do up the house and will be looking for replacement furniture for a couple of rooms, soft furnishings and planning how each room will be decorated, although the actual work won't start until the warmer weather when the heating gets switched off.


  1. Wonderful plans for the winter. Your trip out to see Sleeping Beauty sounds a real treat. I have been putting together my Winter Manifesto. I figure if we get out to do at least one a month, the winter will fly by. But having said that, two things are dependent on colder weather, I can't believe I actually said that, colder weather!! but no matter, I would like us to skate on an outside rink.

  2. Thanks so much for coming over and commenting on my blog. It's been soooo long since I posted anything. We did have a fab day :)
    You certainly sound as if you are going to have lots of fun things to do during the winter months. I'm sure you will enjoy it all.
    Happy Christmas to you :)

  3. It's a good idea to break up your intentions through the year. As you say, something to look forward to. It's good that you have created a good circle of friends and social life, it makes the world go round more joyfully.