Advent Calendar Door 14

It's an activity today - to drive round and see all the Christmas decorations on the houses.  The photo was taken last year in Melksham, and it's a house that people come from miles around to see - it really is an amazing sight.  They collect for charity, although they only do this every other year.  I will make a slight detour to drive past it next time I go to Julie's, 'just in case'! 
The glow in the sky when it gets darks suggests that there are plenty of decorated houses close to home, so tonight I'm going to explore my home village which is small enough to do on foot (provided it's not raining!).  I have seen a couple of places which will help with the scavenger hunt - snowmen seem to be very popular this year.
To finish off the evening I'm going to screen unseen at the Odeon in town, although I doubt it'll be a Christmas film.  I'm going with friends and our agreement is, that if it turns out to be a horror film, we'll leave and go for a drink and a chat.  So far, we've been lucky and have stayed to see the film each time.
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  1. I've been enjoying your Christmas photos each day. I think I could do with some exposure tips for fairy lights - your results are far superior to mine so this definitely needs research. I'm off to the Winter Wonderland at Kew soon and keen to do it justice!

  2. PS. Oh yowzers, sorry Eileen I've just had a little browse round and realised I've been missing a lot of your posts. I think because I've failed to check back each time I visit - if you've posted twice on one day, and I miss a day I could miss as many as three posts. Now rectified and I've enjoyed them ALL! Great work.

  3. That is neat to screen the movies like that and to have a plan in case it is not the movie you might want to see. What a great display of lights; I can't imagine how long it takes to put it all up!


  4. Enjoy seeing the lights! A few of our neighbours - and us - have strings of lights, but nothing elaborate or that would bring a great deal of visitors, it looks pretty though! xx

  5. Wow! That is a spectical!
    My dad was evacuated to Melksham and when I was visiting last year we tried to find out information but there doesn't appear to be any records. He had a good time there so I would have liked to find out where he lived and learn more about evacuees and Melksham.


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