Advent Calendar Door 17

It's a nice easy activity today - to watch a Christmas film.  I'm watching 'The Wishing Tree' (and writing this post during the adverts!), which only has two stars and is a bit cheesy, but it was the best on offer on TV today.  I was hoping for 'A Wonderful Life' or 'A Christmas Carol' (but only the Alistair Sims version), but no such luck!
Last night's concert was brilliant, as good as I remembered, and there was the added bonus of a surprise performance from the local singing group that one of my friends belongs to, so I got to see her as well.
It's the penultimate carol playing session with the brass band tonight, and then home for a soak in the bath, a bit of reading and an early night. 
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  1. Fun activity with the Christmas movie :)


  2. Your nativity is very like the one I remember from my childhood. It's lovely.

  3. Love Nativity scenes
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Watching films is high on my list of things I love to do. We have freeview which means there are a lot more channels to choose from and there was some good Christmas ones listed. As I have lacked energy these past few days I have watched a fair few films. We also have Netflix so we are not spoilt for choice. Noel was very good, and my all time favourite is A Wonderful Life though it is some time since I last saw it.


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