Advent Calendar Door 20

I actually have a choice of two activities today but I haven't decided which one, if any, to do yet.  The two activities are an outside meet and greet hosted by one of the houses in the close, and a Christmas evening at the local folk club. 
My neighbour does the meet and greet every year but in previous years I've been unable to go because of music performances.  I said I'd be unable to attend again this year but it now turns out that I can go, although I'm not sure that it's fair to inflict this cold on anyone else.  The folk club do will be good fun - it's two very funny blokes I went to school with - but sadly, I'm still not feeling too good so at the moment it looks like I may be staying in and watching the live version of The Sound of Music on TV!
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  1. That is cute with the meet and greet; might have to do that sometime. Do hope you feel better soon!


  2. I love poinsettias! Feel better soon x

  3. Get well soon! What did you make of SOM? I saw about 2/3 and quite enjoyed it.

  4. It's a rubbish time to feel unwell. Since Christmas I feel like my plug has been pulled out. I'm not ill, though yesterday I was so achy and tired I thought I was coming down with something. Today I just have no energy again so using the opportunity to catch up reading blog posts - long overdue!


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