Mini Project No 1 | Organising Photos

Yesterday was such a grey drab day. It rained continuously and, yes I know the gardens needed it, but I could have done without it! But ... I live in the UK and there really is no point getting grumpy about the weather, so I pulled myself together, cheered myself up, and had a good day.

My evening at the theatre was a success and both plays were enjoyed. The Croft is a haunted house story and I'm usually a bit of a wimp with those, ending up having to check the house afterwards to make sure the local axe murderer hasn't taken up residence - I always laugh at myself because I know there's nobody hiding but also know I won't rest until I check, and I have absolutely no idea what I'd do if I did find someone! Anyway, although described as a thriller and hinting about a 'dark history', I was able to watch it without scaring myself witless and thought it was a clever production. I watched the Alan Bennett play, The Habit of Art afterwards, which I'd had tickets to see at the Theatre Royal in Bath but which was obviously cancelled so I was delighted to find it available online. This too was a couple of hours well spent - I do like Bennett's work. 

I realised yesterday (when responding to a comment!) that one thing that is missing is the lack of any real purpose to my days. Prior to the lock-down I'd been concentrating on the decluttering and although progress was slow I did feel I was achieving something. However, there is no way of completing that at present so I need to start looking at what else can be done around the house. The first thing that springs to mind is that I need to finish organising all my photos, which includes digital copies, prints and negatives. I say finish organising but the reality is that I've had several half-hearted attempts at this and have barely started. It'll be a time consuming but worthwhile job and the progress and sense of achievement is measurable, so that will be my first mini project, starting today. 

I want to carry on with the family tree this afternoon but I'm not sure what I'll do tonight. I'm dithering between an André Rieu concert or finding a comedy film to watch. I think I need something cheering and undemanding to round off the day.

Today's list of things to do:
  • physical: nothing for a while, doctor's orders.
  • in the fresh air: time in the garden if the rain holds off
  • around the house: shredding, laundry
  • achievement: transfer digital photos from the old laptops
  • social: blogging, phone calls with friends
  • fun: piano practice, reading, family tree research


  1. OMG my photos are so not organised. I sort of started, but - like with a lot of things - got overwhelmed and just stopped. I even have these little organisers for them. I have a lot more photos in a tub under the bed. Sometime I do NEED to sort through those. They are mostly of the kids when they were little.

    Good luck with the organising!

    1. I'm starting with the digital images, mainly because there are still some on old laptops and I can dispose of the laptops once I transferred all the files.

      I'm debating about creating some photo books with some of the photos but am still undecided.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Joy. I'll be okay once I get started and can see some progress.

  3. Organizing the photos sounds like a very worthwhile project! I know I have a whole drawer of photos and negatives, etc. that should be sorted.

    I'm sorry it rained, yesterday, but, it sounds like you made the best of the situation. I'm glad you enjoyed the plays and you are much braver than I in watching scary shows!

    I hope you have better weather, today, and a good day. Take care.

    1. It's raining again today! The play wasn't too scary which is how I was able to finish watching it. I didn't even need to hide behind a cushion đŸ˜‚

      I want to get all the photos in some sort of order so I can enjoy them. At the moment they are in different albums or boxes all over the house and I can never really find the one I want, so I'm thinking of having some photo books printed.

  4. I will join in with everyone in wishing you luck with your photographs. I can't remember when I started mine, must be at least a year with many stops and starts. There are still quite a few to do and will start again when I have some other things out of the way. I'm one of those people who like to get smaller jobs done before I can concentrate on a bigger job. So, good luck!

    1. I have good intentions of organising all the photos this time. I have thousands to sort through but I have decided that I will only keep the best and the important one and will get rid of a lot, mainly duplicates.

      The first stage is to get all the digital photos on the newest laptop so that's what I'm starting on today.

  5. Oh I'll take your rain ... it is SO dry here. A great idea to sort through your photos, which hopefully bring to mind some wonderful memories. Happy Day.

    1. It's raining hard today ... I'll wish some of it your way!

      It's going to take ages to sort it all out but I have a clearer idea of what I want to end up with so I feel more optimistic about completing the organisation this time. By the end of this week I hope to have all the digital photos in one filing system and can then move on to re-ordering, renaming and tagging the individual photos. That's the start of the plan anyway, so I'll see how it goes!


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