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Outside my window ... it's still early but it looks like it will be a beautiful day

I am thinking ... about the coronavirus, it's constantly churning away at the back of my mind. I am trying to keep myself informed by listening to the daily Downing Street briefing but am ignoring all the other news report. The news overload is both stressful and the route to depression, so I need to keep it to the bare minimum.  

I am thankful ... that close family and friends are responding positively to the current situation and are all following the lock-down advice. Two family members are classed as key workers so have an ongoing requirement to work outside of the home but are exercising sensible precautions to protect the safety of their individual households and of themselves. Three friends, sisters, work in the NHS and two of them have contracted the virus but are recovering. So far, everyone I care about is safe!

In the kitchen ... it'll be a day for using up some odds and ends of veg, so probably a batch of soup because that's nice and easy. I also want to make up some more spice mixes.

I am wearing ... a blue fluffy dressing gown - I'm sat up in bed typing this!

I am creating ... a ripple blanket. It may be finished by the end of the decade! I'm sure I'll speed up as I get used to the instructions.

I am going ... to focus on the garden this week. The forecast is for sunny days up to and including Wednesday, then three rainy days with the sunshine returning on Sunday and all of next week. If I can get all of the weeding done and tidy the patio, I will be a happy bunny. I'm assuming that the compost and bedding plants ordered from a local garden centre will not be delivered so if it does turn up it will be a bonus. In the great scheme of things, it's not really that important.

I am wondering ... how much of my supermarket order will be delivered at the end of this week. I hear reports that stocks have improved and the majority of things are now available but each time I've checked back on my order, there is an increasing list of goods that are out of stock. I will have to make a list and check back just before the deadline for changes to make the best of what is available. Serious food allergies mean that I don't usually allow substitutes of any food items but I may have to this time, but make it perfectly clear that they can't include any beef products.

I am reading ... the Harry Potter series of books, currently on book 4. Reading seems to be a struggle lately but I have enjoyed some audiobooks and have others lined up on this site. I usually enjoy the quiet of living alone but lately am finding the 'company' of another voice to be comforting.

I am watching ... lots! I've listed my viewing of films and theatre shows on the tabs above. On TV I've been binge watching the first two series of Killing Eve and have two more episodes to watch before the new series starts tomorrow, although I will probably watch that on catch up. I'd like to try another series, Dark Matter, but it's not available on Netflix in the UK so I either need to work out how to view the US Netflix (which seems to be possible) or to use Amazon Prime and watch it all during the 30 day free trial!!

I am hoping ...  that the government reports are accurate and that we will soon see statistics showing that the cases of coronavirus have plateaued or are decreasing. 

I am looking forward to ... the end of the lock-down, although I think it will continue for a couple of months at least.

I am learning ... to understand the ins and outs of algebra, and how to crochet - not at the same time, you understand!

Around the house ...  it's clean and tidy, probably the best it's been in a long time and there are no visitors to see my efforts!

I am pondering ... how quickly I've settled into the lifestyle changes that have come about as a result of the lock-down, and the positive things that I am benefiting from on a daily basis. The most important benefits are that life has slowed down for the majority of people in my life and a direct result of this is that everyone is making more effort to keep in touch. I am now proficient in setting up Zoom meetings or WhatsApp Video calls and the best thing is that people are taking the time to talk properly and nobody has had to end the call because they have to rush off to do something else. Everybody has expressed the hope that this continues once the lock-down is lifted, but I wonder if it will be possible .... 

One of my favourite things ... the dawn chorus giving a cheerful, if noisy, start to the day.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... well, I won't be going out at all! During the days I'll divide my time between crochet, algebra, gardening, music practice, and reading. The evenings will see me at the theatre, quizzing with friends, or at choir practice ... 

  • Tuesday will be 'Curtains', a musical comedy starring Jason Manford,
  • Wednesday will be the National Theatre's Jane Eyre, 
  • Thursday will be the online quiz with J and L, 
  • Friday will be the online choir quiz followed by whichever musical Andrew Lloyd Webber releases, 
  • Saturday will be the National Theatre's Treasure Island, 
  • Sunday will be whichever ballet I choose, and 
  • Monday will be the online choir practice.
A peek into my day ... a morning in the kitchen and the garden, an afternoon taking some photos, and an evening at the online choir practice. This choir session is a bonus one as we wouldn't normally meet during the Easter holiday but for some reason, none of us had anything better to do so we will be practicing! This time we are working on Brave, Golden Slumbers, and YMCA!

A quote for today ... "Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives", the UK Government's message to the nation to do their part in the fight against coronavirus 


  1. It's cold and windy here this morning - such a change from yesterday!
    Your week sounds brilliant and I agree that, in some ways, lockdown has taught us some valuable things about what is important.

    1. I think I was being optimistic about the weather when I looked out the window this morning. The wind has turned up, tempurature has dropped, so I will be staying indoors.

      In some ways I'm busier than before the lock-down but in important areas of life like family and friends, I too have slowed down and made much more effort to keep in touch.

  2. I agree that the whole experience of this pandemic has taught has many lessons as it niggles at the back of our minds. I posed the question to my friends; what will we keep from this time of physical distancing & how will we prepare for the onslaught from big business of commercials telling us to buy buy buy because we deserve it after The Great Pause.

    We are preparing for a big storm forecast to arrive later today - right now it's just rain.

    1. Sadly, I think it's unlikely that there will be many long term changes. Individuals may choose to make some changes but we are a consumer society and I think that once this is over, the majority will spend to make up for the restrictions experienced during the lockdown.

  3. It's a horrible day here. Windy, rain/snow. Yesterday was so nice. It was 21C today is 1C. My body is having trouble adjusting lol. Ah Spring in Michigan. Perhaps it's decided to isolate itself.

    I must admit that I'm struggling. It's getting to the point where plans have been made and on the verge of being cancelled. I'm really trying not to listen to any news other than once a day but you can't get away from it - even the ads are all about it. My old work friend's dad is in hospital with it. He is on a ventilator but they are hoping he will get better.

    1. I've had to cancel plans and have monies refunded for cancelled events. It's upsetting isn't it, even though we understand why it is necessary.

      I'm sorry to hear about your friend's dad. I hope he recovers soon.

  4. Sounds like you've a busy week planned with all those shows to watch, quizzes, and choir practice! I'm glad that you, your family, and friends are keeping well or recovering well. Ultimately, that is what is important, isn't it? Our good health.

    Yesterday was grey and drizzly, here; today is also cloudy, but, so far, no rain. My plans for the day include a little housework, some paperwork (hopefully), and a lot of relaxing! Have a lovely day, Eileen.

    1. The threat that we're all living under really does make it clear just what is important and family and friends definitely tops the list. I'm sure you feel the same.

      The quizzes, shows, and choir are my joyful activities for the week. I hope you get your housework done and out if the way so you can sit back and relax!

  5. It sounds like you are dealing with the current situation quite well; I agree that limiting the news to a minimum is healthier than dwelling on the bad statistics. Praying it gets better all around the world.

    1. I'm used to living alone and having to occupy my time, so I'm not finding the enforced isolation as difficult as some people.


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