Take Three Thursday | 'Another Place'

I didn't manage to catch up with myself at all yesterday, hence no blog post. Today, I'm sharing three more photos from my recent holiday for Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday where we are asked to share three photos with a common theme.

My photos were taken during my trip to Liverpool when I spent a few hours watching the Anthony Gormley art installation, 'Another Place'.


  1. That's an interesting looking sculpture; reminds me a bit of the Easter Island statues! Standing by the edge of the water and looking out.

  2. Thanks Eileen for joining into Thursday's threesome. When you said watching this piece, I take it to mean, because of the moss & other such things growing on him, that he gets covered at high tide ... & then revealed again at low tide. Interesting art.

  3. Bless, Mary-Lou - there are 100 of these statues, all identical, dotted about a section of the beach and they all face out to sea. I arrived when the tide was out and watched them disappearing as the tide came in. It isn't a slow, gentle disappearance because they are obviously fixed in place so they were splashed and buffeted by the sea. I'd image that the reveal as the tide goes out create a very difference feeling.

    1. Eileen I get that it would create a very different feeling of tide in or tide out; tide coming in & the statue(s) disappearing, sad. 100! statues - wow that is some installation!

  4. I have seen pictures of these before but never so close up. They are looking quite 'sea worn'.


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