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This week it's mostly been holiday related postings so here's a brief summary of what I've been up to!

Sunday 2nd September

Apart from sewing the final labels on the new school uniforms for Little Misses C & H, I don't think I did much else. So a quiet day indoors reading, eating and drinking coffee. 

Monday 3rd September

Another day spent at home but this time because I had to wait in for deliveries. The tiles that should have been delivered before my holiday arrived but the order was incorrect ... the wrong mosaic tiles and too many of them. I phoned to complain and have arranged to choose some other tiles and be given a refund for the unwanted ones. The heated towel rail for the family bathroom was also delivered ... exactly as ordered!

Tuesday 4th September

Two more deliveries expected today. I received the text at 7am to say the first delivery, [edited to add: this was the new bath for the family bathroom] would be with me shortly ... guess what time it arrived? ... 8:15pm! They wanted to just leave it on the pavement outside but, after quite a heated discussion, they carried it inside. The basin and cabinet for the family bathroom was delivered without any fuss, thank goodness.

The girls and their mum turned up to collect their uniforms and presented me with a huge bunch of flowers to say thank you. They'd been baking earlier so both girls gave me one of the cakes they'd made - a chocolate nest from H and a chocolate marble cake from C. Not good for the diet, but a lovely surprise and very much appreciated.

Wednesday 5th September

Yet another day at home, this time moving the remainder of the boxes in the music room to make space for the ten brass instruments I'll bring home from band on Saturday. They're needed for the school workshops over the next three weeks. Apart from that, I made a chilli and some vegetable soup for the freezer, and caught up with some paperwork.

Thursday 6th September

My sister came round in the morning and brought another load of books for me. This was perfect timing as the bookshelves were starting to look rather bare and I was in danger of running out of things to read.  There are twenty new reads stacked on the shelves, so that'll keep me occupied for a few weeks. 

In the afternoon I took some of the new tiles back. They exchanged them, no problem, and refunded the money - enough to buy one of the armchairs I want!

Friday 7th September

The day was tied up with preparing for the return to band. In the evening it was the first film screening at the film society I've joined. I almost didn't go but am so glad I did as we watched Lady Bird, which I'd missed when it was doing the rounds of the cinemas. I enjoyed the film, the people were friendly and it was a very cheap evening - membership is £30 a year to see 15 films, and the parking was free. 

Saturday 8th September

Back to band and a fun morning spent mostly playing the children's favourite pieces. Then a sleepy, lazy afternoon at home, an evening watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and in bed by 9:30pm. I'm not sure why I am so tired so am hoping there isn't some sort of lurgy brewing.


  1. A busy week one way or another. I'm not surprised you are tired. I think we get sleepier as the days draw in anyway with longer hours of darkness.

    1. Autumn is definitely creeping in isn't it. Now the nights are getting darker sooner I just want to stay in and keep warm!

      I think it may be a sinus related lurgy brewing. I've woken with a pain moving between ears to eyes, and feel a bit blocked up so have taken some paracetamol.

  2. You've had a busy week! Too bad that some of the deliveries are not going as well as they should. What were those people thinking when they wanted to leave the bathtub outside? Sorry you've got a sinus infection. I hope it goes away soon. Take it easy today and rest.

    1. It's eased off a little through the day so I'm hoping my body is managing to fight the infection and I won't need to go to the doctor.


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