I'm absolutely shattered so it's a lazy day for me today. I haven't dressed yet and am unlikely to bother as my dressing gown is so warm and cosy! I didn't get to bed until nearly 2 am and was repeatedly woken by the wind once I did make it to my bed.

The concert was a success. Lots of smiling faces and M, our leader, was more than happy and probably a bit relieved ... I've been in her position myself so I know exactly how it feels when the group gets past the dodgy bits without a train crash!! I want to remember the night and this is as good a place as any to record it, so this is what we sang:

The Best of Bond
One Last Time
Don't Stop Believin'
You'll Be In My Heart
This Is Me
Fix You

Pavane for a Silent Night
Walking in the Air
Dream a Dream
Mary, Did You Know?
Somewhere out There
In Winter
Carol of the Snow

The First Nowell 

Wonderful Christmas Time

The First Nowell was sang with the audience and the rest of the songs were the choir arrangements in two or three parts. There were also seven soloists.

The choir has been learning their pieces since September and the standard achieved, when you consider that the majority of the singers don't read notation, is excellent. When we resume in January there will be a new repertoire for the Spring terms. This terms sheet music is now ours to keep, or recycle, as we see fit. I will probably keep some of mine just to play through next Christmas.

Lauren was merry, but thankfully not drunk, when I arrived to collect her at midnight and she didn't take too long to bid her farewells to her equally merry colleagues. She too had a good evening and enjoyed herself.

I will just be reading for the rest of the day. I think TV or a film will take more concentration that I can summon up but conversely, reading feels achievable.


  1. I'm so glad that the concert went well and driving Lauren home went off well, too. :) A day spent reading and relaxing sounds like a wonderful idea. :)

  2. That's a fantastic programme and I'm sure it was a real treat for the audience. Well done, everyone.

    1. There was plenty of variety in the programme wasn't there? Most definitely an enjoyable evening.


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