Today I stood here ...

... outside the Royal Albert Hall, waiting to take my seat inside. I'm here for 'John Rutter's Christmas Celebration' featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, a couple of choirs, and several soloists.

This is my Advent calendar to-do for today and also a candidate for the WPSH  No. 7 | I stood here.


  1. Hope you had a fabulous time. Great pic.

  2. Hope to hear more about that. I saw him joint-conduct a carol concert (with Bob Chilcott) last year. Was great.

  3. Hope you had a lovely time! You are doing well on the photo hunt, too!

  4. Oh, John Rutter. How amazing.
    Not that I am jealous or anything. (yeah, sure!)
    I bet you had a truly wonderful time.

  5. Thanks to all of you for your comments. The concert was brilliant and I will write about it tomorrow. I'm writing this on the coach on the way home ... will be home about 10:00 pm.


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