Weekly Reflections

 Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • completing several tasks which move me another step closer to completing the decluttering
  • chats with friends
  • a supermarket delivery with the ingredients to try some new recipes, and ...
  • ... booking another delivery for the weekend before Christmas, meaning fresh bread, fruit and veg without needing to rely on family to shop for me
  • Christmas cards arriving in the post, plus a couple of belated birthday cards
  • one of my favourite folk artists has released a CD of his Christmas concert, recorded live, so I will still be able to enjoy it this year

I am grateful ...
  • for prescription medications
  • for central heating and a warm home

Lifestyle Changes
  • Knee Strengthening (every day): achieved
  • Exercise: it's been a bit hit and miss this week following a migraine on Wednesday
  • End of Day Routines: the routine took a bit of a hit following the migraine on Wednesday but by Friday was back to the plan


  1. Some lovely reflections here, thanks. Reading your Sunday posts always cheers me up.

  2. It’s great to see Christmas cards arriving but I do wish more people would take time to add a few lines on how they are! I try to write in all mine.
    I have just got round to answering your question on my birthday walk. Sorry it has taken so long

    1. I include letters in the cards to people I don't see very often and they do the same in theirs to me.

      I'll have a look at the walks. Thanks for the info.

  3. A warm home is definitely something I'm grateful for :)

    Who's the folk artist? I'm always interested in new music to add to my Spotify Christmas playlist :)

    1. It's Johnny Coppin, a British folk singer. His Christmas concert is All On A Winter's Night and I usually get to see him performing this every year but thought this year was not to be, so I was over the moon to see that he's released a live recording of the concert. There's some videos of him on YouTube.

  4. Yay for being able to book another order for groceries to be delivered in time for Christmas and for being closer to being decluttered! Sounds like another good week with plenty to be cheerful about and grateful for. :)

    1. I'm slowly getting there, and yes it has been a good week overall. I'm relieved about getting the extra delivery close to Christmas.

  5. We just received the first of our Christmas cards in the mail as well. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you occupied this coming week.

    1. Yes, I have plenty to keep me out of mischief!


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