Weekly Reflections

 Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • enjoying time spent out of the house; only a drive around and a quick shopping trip but the change of scene makes all the difference
  • chatting with family and friends
  • finally overcoming something I was stuck on in the Italian grammar course
  • deciding to go ahead and make the last few changes I've been thinking of doing around the house, starting in January
  • reading through the Christmas Radio Times and TV Times magazines and finding plenty of programmes and films to look forward to watching
  • attending an online carol service and receiving an invitation to join in with a local one 
  • realising that the daily practice of mindfulness through the Advent calendar tasks is having a positive impact on my mood
  • receiving the final package for my 'Twelve Days of Christmas' gifts (to myself) 
  • that the coronavirus vaccination has started in the UK, offering real hope for the future 
  • watching Christmas films 

I am grateful ...
  • for good friends 
  • a safe home and (mostly) supportive neighbours
  • to be in a position where I have not been negatively affected financially by the pandemic

Lifestyle Changes
  • Knee Strengthening (every day): achieved
  • Exercise: achieved on four days but failed on the others because of lazyitis!
  • End of Day Routines: this is the last time I will include these in my weekly review. I'm confident that I have re-established the routines as I want them to be. 


  1. I so look forward to your Sunday 'Reasons to be Cheerful' posts - they are such a positive start to the day for me.
    I'm afraid I blatantly stole the Twelve Days of Christmas idea from you and from Sue and am doing the same. I have my gifts, all wrapped up, numbered and waiting in a bag, mostly little, mostly things I can use that very day. Those days between Christmas and New Year can be a bit quiet, especially this year, so it's such a treat to know that there's another bit of excitement each day. Maybe it is a 'live alone' thing, I don't know, but I think it will be another little 'tradition'. :-) Thank you.

    1. Thanks Joy, I'm glad you enjoy them. They definitely help me appreciate how many reasons I have to cheerful and grateful.

      Well done on doing a Twelve Days of Christmas for yourself. I've always bought myself a gift at Christmas and then either do a homemade Advent calendar or a 12 Days ones. I've spent a bit more money than usual this year, all on things I will use and enjoy but probably wouldn't buy at any other time.

  2. I, too, enjoy reading your reasons to be cheerful and what you are grateful for. Good to hear that the nightly routines seem to have become well established! I like the sound of those 12 days of Christmas gifts to yourself!

    1. Thanks Bless. Sorting out the ends of day routines has made a big difference and I feel more on top of things again.

      It's nice to have something to look forward to every day during the holiday period and the 12 days calendar fits the bill perfectly!

  3. I tried squat jumps yesterday as a strengthening move, and now I know not to do those again lol We live and learn with exercise programs. It sounds like your plan is going well :)

    1. Haha, there's no way I could even attempt one squat jump!

      I'm getting used to doing something every day so my fitness level is improving, but very slowly. The line dancing is the thing I'm having fun with.


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