Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt - First Photos

I managed to find some possibilities for the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt (SPSH) ... it always feels good to make a start! 

No 2: a wordless directional sign

No 5: a bridge - the Town Bridge in Bradford on Avon which dates from the 13th century.

No 9: a crack or pothole in the road or sidewalk - I can see an animal's head. Can you?

No 10: white flowers

No 13: a sold or for sale sign - on a piano in the music shop

No 12: summer tools  - kid's gardening tools seen in the garden centre

No 14: something that rolls - a bicycle ....

.... and a ball

So that's seven found, only nine more to find!

1. A Plant/Tree With Thorn(s)
2. A  Wordless Directional Sign
3. Something Netted or Webbed
4. Something Berry Berry Delicious
5. A Bridge
6. A School
7. Something That Dangles
8. Some Shadows
9. A Crack or Pothole in The Road or Sidewalk
10. A White Flower(s)
11. Extraordinary Water 
12. Summer Tools
13. A Sold or For Sale Sign (not necessarily a house)
14. Something That Rolls

Alternate A: Your Favourite Summer Taste

Alternate B: Your Choice


  1. You've done well with your photo finds. I had to look hard at the animal's head but I'm convinced it's a Border Terrier :)

    1. Thanks Eileen. Glad you can see the animal's head as well ... my friend H can't see it and kept looking at me as though I was a bit odd! xx

  2. That is an amazing start to the search. I do see a dog's head in the pavement crack/pothole. Nice view with the bridge. Thanks for joining in.

    1. I like the list this time. The only one I didn't know what to photograph was resolved today so that one is ticked off as well, and I now have ideas for the rest of the photos. xx

  3. Well, you are making quick work. Love the photos, especially the kids gardening tools.

    1. I now have enough photos to complete the hunt so I'll aim for a second set next month! I liked the kid's gardening tools as well, thought they were cute. xx

  4. This post showed up on my reading list a few days ago, but, when I clicked on it, I got a message that there was nothing to see there! LOL.
    You've made a great start on the list!

    1. That's odd ... I do hope that's not going to be a new problem to deal with!

      I've found all of the photos already so will attempt a second set next month. xx

  5. My favourite is the bridge ... I am wondering if I have ever seen it IRL - doesn't seem like something I'd forget, but...
    Now, the big question is: what is that weather vane in the background?

    1. If you've driven through Bradford-on-Avon, the main road crosses the bridge so you wouldn't be aware of all the arches at all. You have to view it from the library car park or from Westbury Gardens to appreciate how long it is and see the arches.

      The weather vane tops the chapel on the bridge. It's a fish, a gudgeon to be precise. xx

    2. Six attempts to get into this post, just to register my pouting face about the gudgeon, which I have now seen online. Had I but known, I could've stopped by on my way back from Wales and got it to pose for me...

    3. Just think of it as another reason to visit this area with the added bonus that we can meet for lunch 😊 xx


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