Midweek Catch Up


I started the day with fasting blood tests and unfortunately now have a headache brewing, so I will get myself something to eat and then enjoy an easy day. I don't know if it's the fasting that's triggered the headache or whether I am overtired from last night ... I went with J to see the comedian Jack Whitehall's show in Bath. He was excellent and I'm glad we made the effort to go. I rarely go out in the evening since Covid impacted on our lives, so it made a lovely change and we both agreed we need to do more things in the evening from now on. 

I haven't done much else so will update you on my decluttering efforts. I am joining with Sharon @ My New Uneventful Life and Bless @ My Two Cents to declutter 50 items in June. This is my progress so far ...

18 items have left the house, either to friends, to recycling, or as donations to the charity shop,  ...

  • 6 books
  • 4 bags of rubbish to recycling yard
  • 1 bag of small flower pots donated to a local man who grows and sells plants for charity
  • 1 dinner service 
  • 3 Christmas decorations
  • 1 assortment of offcuts of wood to S
  • 1 assortment of used gift bags
  • 1 box stationery items

and I am now dealing with the 19+ items on this list ...

  • 5 studio lights
  • 4 tripods
  • 1 vintage (photo) print developing bath
  • 2 Olympus film cameras + assortment lenses and accessories 
  • 1 vintage darkroom enlarger
  • 1 vintage MG radiator grill
  • 1 box of assorted items going back to my late partner's family
  • 1 Bb clarinet + assorted music books
  • 1 flute + assorted music books
  • 2 cornets + assorted music books

I've emailed a buyer about the photography equipment. I'll advertise the instruments and music at the weekend and will post the box of personal items next time I go to the post office.


  1. Your night out sounds a lot of fun and I hope you can keep that headache at bay. I did take a lot of things to the charity donation centre this week but that will be my lot. Good luck with the challenge and selling your items xx

    1. We both enjoyed the show and it was indeed a good night out. Sadly, the headache developed into a migraine and I ended up back in bed to attempt to sleep it off. I feel much better today though. Thanks re the decluttering, and well done with your own efforts. xx

  2. Beautiful rose. Both you & Bless have had a good start to your June de-clutter efforts.

    1. I love the colour of that particular rose. We've all made a good start ... I just need to keep up the momentum now. xx

  3. What gorgeous roses!
    Sorry to hear about the headache; hope it went away after you had eaten something. Hope the blood test results will all be good.
    Well done on the decluttering! Awesome! So far, I've acquired more stuff than I decluttered, but, I'll make up for it!

    1. All the roses are looking good this year. I think all the rain back in March and April helped.

      Unfortunately it was a full blown migraine so I spent the rest of the day in bed. I feel much better today. I'll get the test results some time next week ... fingers are crossed for good results. My BP was good this time, so that's a relief.

      Yes, I did laugh when I saw the list of all the things you had acquired but they are things you need and will use aren't they? Good luck with your decluttering efforts xx

  4. Well done on the decluttering! I'm not doing too badly though I find it a little daunting. One bit at a time!

    Hope the headache feels better soon. Glad you had a good time at the show!

    1. Thanks Sharon. I've been following your decluttering efforts and think you are doing well so far. I set myself a time limit each time I clear out a cupboard so I don't feel too overwhelmed by how much there is to do.

      I feel much better today thanks, though had to go back to bed yesterday as it developed into a migraine. The show was excellent and we had a great time. xx

  5. The rose is gorgeous and I hope are feeling loads better by now. xx

    1. It's beautiful, isn't it? I went back to bed in the end but feel much better today, thanks. xx


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