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Monday 16th May

136/365: the new fuchsia has buds! After a quiet weekend I'm feeling a bit more energetic so hopefully this will result in a productive day. There's nothing in the diary but there's plenty to do around the house so I won't be bored.  First on the list is to sort out some piano music. There was an enquiry in the local community group for a piano teacher for a 10 years old Ukrainian refugee, which isn't something I can help with, but I can gift him/her some piano music so I need to sort out a selection ready for delivery/collection this afternoon. I wasn't planning to deal with any of the studio lighting equipment just yet but over the weekend I found details of a company in Bristol who deal in that sort of thing. All the other companies I'd found were at least a three+ hours drive away so finding one that's so close to home, just under an hour away, has renewed my enthusiasm for finding a buyer. The Bristol company asks for detailed photos of the items I

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