Saturday, 31 January 2015

31/365: More Sorting Required!

Today's task is to empty this borrowed storage crate so that it can be returned to its owner.  I've have a quick rummage through and it looks like most of it will be staying, so the real challenge will be to find a home for everything.

Friday, 30 January 2015

30/365: More Recycling

Another trip to the skip with some more bags of waste paper.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

29/365: Cables, Plugs & Stuff!

As I've been sorting through boxes I've found various plugs, cables and electrical things I don't recognise, which I've been collecting together in a bag for the time being.  I'm hoping to be able to match some of the cables to their respective applicances/gadgets, but I have a feeling that a lot of this stuff is a result of Ced's I'll-save-that-because-it-may-come-in-useful-one-day hoarding habit, so will eventually be disposed of.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

28/365: Reducing the Stash!

I've made a start on reducing my card making stash.  I'm giving everything in this photo to Joy for her Station Harry, Fab Rick and the Yarnbirds enterprise.

I've scheduled this post to go live at the time we're meeting for lunch, so that it doesn't spoil the surprise. 

Photo Pairs

For Helena's Photo Pairs this week I've gone for CLOSED and OPEN.

The Alphabet Project | C is for Cat

Week number 3 of The Alphabet Project brings us to the letter C.
C is for cat
meet Sammy, my neighbour's cat

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

27/365: Sylvie's Vase

So named because it was a gift from my friend, Sylvie, when I left the MoD to start teaching. Quite a lot of our ornaments, etc. are named in this way - that way we always remember who gave them to us!
This is staying. It now lives on the window sill in the living room.

Monday, 26 January 2015

26/365: Really Useful Boxes

I've collected up all the Really Useful Boxes from various places around the house and garage and they are now stacked in the corner of the dining room, next to the bookcase.  They are currently filled with a mixture of card making stuff, doll's house accessories and some of Ced's things, but I'm not sure exactly what.
I want to keep all the paper crafting, wool and fabric in these boxes, so the next stage of the decluttering is to sort through each box and decide exactly what is staying and what is going.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

25/365: Scissors

Sorry, it's another rubbish photo!  I'm still dealing with sorting out the finances so had to hunt around for a decluttering photo for today.

I've opted for the scissor collection that I didn't know I had.  These are the ones I've found so far ... I know there are more, quite a few more in fact, because I haven't found the other dressmaking shears, pinking shears, kitchen scissors or the crafting snips.  And there's bound to be lots he had hoarded away, something you come to accept when you have a hoarder for a partner!  I just hadn't appreciated quite how many there are as they aren't normally kept together.
They're not all staying but I'll make the final decision when I find the rest.   

Saturday, 24 January 2015

24/365: High Finance!

Sorry about the quality of the photo but it'll have to do for today.  The camera battery is being recharged and I won't have time to redo the photo afterwards.
Today is a different sort of decluttering and sorting out, forced on me because I needed to complete my tax return. Apart from the Internet quitting on me and having to re-input all the information over again, twice, the online form has been completed and submitted.  Relieved as I am that it is over for another year, I've decided to take the time to get more organised with this aspect of my life.  While the requirements are still fresh in my head, I'm rejigging my own Excel spread sheet so that the figures I update weekly will give me the cumulative figures I need for the tax return at the end of the year.  I've been meaning to do this for years but never had the time when I was looking after Ced. 
I'm also reviewing my budget.  I use the BudgetBrain app as my starting point as it is very detailed and makes me consider expenses that I always forget!  I don't save my information on there though - I create my own spread sheet to keep an eye on my spending.    

Friday, 23 January 2015

23/365: Challenge Trophy

Yes, I know it looks like a chamber pot but this is the Challenge Trophy we won in a car treasure hunt back in the 1980s. There were three of us in the car and we shared the prize between us - two bottles of wine and two £25 vouchers which I shared with N, and poor old Ced had to make do with the chamber pot Challenge Trophy as his prize for the night's work! 
The treasure hunt was supposed to be an annual event with the Challenge Trophy being passed on to the new winners but this turned out to be the last one, so Ced kept the trophy.
This is staying!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

22/365: Pictures

When I moved in to this house we managed to find some of my pictures and these were put up in the living room, dining room and bedroom.  Lots of searching through boxes, but I just couldn't find the other pictures so the rest of the house has been looking very bare.  So frustrating, as more than anything else, I think that it starts to feel like home when you put the pictures up.
Well today I happened across some more of my pictures, and yes, they were in a place that has been searched numerous times - isn't that always the way!  Guess what I'll be doing this weekend!