Something Snappy in Warminster

It was a return to Warminster for the February meeting of my Something Snappy photo group. We met in St Lawrence Chapel, followed by drinks and snacks in Costa Coffee. 

Today's words were hand-made, private, older than me, glass,  up high, yellow, arrow, 1/one, begins with K, signage, and the bonus photo was of historical interest.

Here's my efforts ...

hand-made - one of the many kneelers and cushions in the chapel

Private - a locked door in the chapel

older than me - my friend E is a good sport and happily modelled for the 'older than me' photo!

glass - one of the beautiful stained glass windows

Up high - the ceiling in the chapel

Yellow - yellow sunflowers on on of the kneelers

Arrow - on the main door to the Chapel, indicating a fire exit

1/one - a single poppy on one of the memorial plaques

Begins with K - the keyhole on the main door

Signage- seen in the High Street, a sign detailing a byelaw about dogs fouling a public footway

Bonus: of historical interest - the old Town Hall building


  1. What an interesting list of photo stimuli. Thanks for sharing.
    I wonder if I ought to have something similar for when I have my coach trips. Hmmm - ponder . . . xx

    1. When I go on my coach trips I always have a rough plan of what I want to photograph. Usually I check on Google for those "mustn't miss" shots and once I've got those, I look for the detail shots which catch me eye. xx

  2. Brilliant photo choices Eileen. The single poppy is a poignant reminder of so many lives lost in Afghanistan in 2010 xx

    1. Thanks Eileen. It's a very simple memorial, not very big, but beautiful all the same. xx

  3. You always come up with the best photos! :)

  4. Lovely photos! Looks like a great place to visit.

    1. It was very interesting. I love looking round old churches. xx


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