Tuesday, 17 September 2019


I didn't make it to the singing group last night. The private lessons ran late which left me with too short a gap to make and eat my main meal of the day and get to the singing group on time, so I've decided to wait until I've finished the workshops before joining. When things are back to normal I can eat my main meal in the middle of the day and then just have soup or similar in the gap between lessons and singing group.

I have another (rescheduled) workshop this afternoon. This one will be a doddle as I used to teach in the school and the children already know me. Unlike yesterday, which was a bit like crowd control at times! 

This morning is 'rearrange the freezer' time, moving all the older meals from the garage freezer to the kitchen freezer. The rest of this month is all about using up the odds and ends in the freezers so there's space for when I do the next lot of bulk cooking. The next little job following on is to complete the shopping lists for the bulk cooking and also check the cupboards for all the basics, ready for a shopping trip next week.

This evening will be a case of curling up on the sofa, dimming the lights and listening to some music ... my choice will depend on how frazzled I feel!


  1. Ah yes that reminds me, I need to do a freeze sort. I chuckled at your comment about crowd control. Thankfully you had some help. Hopefully you'll not feel too frazzled at the end of today.

    1. It really was like crowd control at times. Quite a few of the children appeared to have behaviour issues! Today will be better as the children know me and see me as one of their teachers, so I know they will behave themselves.

      I'm glad I sorted through the freezer as I don't have as many meals as I thought I did so will need to get cooking again.

  2. Good idea to wait until the workshops are over to join the singing group. I should do a bit of freezer inventory and organizing, myself, although I only have the freezer that comes with the fridge (a side by side fridge/freezer).

    Hope today's workshop went well and you are enjoying a relaxing evening. :)

    1. Yes, today's workshop want well. The children were generally very well behaved and enjoyed playing the instruments ... except for one boy who was so badly behaved he had to be taken out and sent to sit in with another class!

      I had an early night last night. I was in bed by 9pm, read for a while but turned out the light before 10pm. These workshops are tiring things!