Weekly Reflections

Blogger has changed the colours ... in real life they look good together!


Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • phoning, texting and emailing with family and friends
  • having a good piano lesson this week
  • hearing from my cousins on my Dad's side of the family who we have never had much contact with, and arranging to meet up with them via Zoom on Thursday
  • enjoying a lovely morning visiting Joy
  • spending an afternoon with J and catching up with all the news
  • joining a new U3A group, Creative Yarns, and learning how to crochet during a very lively and chaotic session!
  • buying some wool with the aim of making a giant granny square lap blanket
  • bumping into a teacher I knew from my teaching days and having a quick chat
  • playing canasta online with N from the U3A and managing to win one game against him
  • continuing to make steady progress in my personal training sessions
  • arranging for my sister to knit/crochet a baby blanket for Amy ... it's based on a Harry Potter design and much too complicated for me to attempt
  • feeling that post-pandemic life is slotting into place nicely ... I'm very happy with the way things are working out lately
  • adding more dates to my diary ... it's filling up nicely!
  • seeing the first snowdrop in my garden

I am grateful ...
  • for supportive friends
  • for the excitement of opportunities even if I end up deciding that these particular opportunities are not right for me at this stage of my life
  • to blogging friends who write a post that awakens very happy childhood memories


  1. What a lovely week you've had. I'll be really interested to read about how your Zoom meeting goes on Thursday, how exciting for you. I do like the colours you have chosen for your lap blanket and look forward to seeing it's progress and I would love to see the blanket your sister makes for Amy, it sounds fascinating xx

    1. I'm looking forward to the Zoom meeting with my cousins. I know one of them but have never met the other two so it should be interesting.

      The lady in the wool shop said that they have been inundated with people buying wool to take up crochet ... the local library has started a yarn group as well ... so there really wasn't much choice of colours. Now I have them at home I like my choice ... there will be photos, don't worry. Amy like Harry Potter so I've chosen a pattern where it says "Snuggle This Muggle" plus a wand and some stars from the tip of the wand. I just have to decide on the colours for it and then my sister can get started. xx

  2. I like the colors you've chosen for your blanket - all in the purple family plus white! Cute saying on the baby blanket you want your sister to make for Amy! And I loved reading about all the things you are cheerful and grateful about, this week. A very good week and it certainly sounds like you are having an active social life, again. I wonder if I'd ever feel safe enough to do so, myself!

    1. I'm pleased with the choice of colours and how they are looking together now I've made a start on the blanket. We've now decided that my sister isn't making a blanket as it's possible to buy little sleepsuits or baby grows with the same working on and I'm going to buy some of those instead.

      It has been a good week and I'm happy with a more active social life again ... it's something I needed. I do hope things change for you and you are able to attend social events at some time in the future. xx

  3. Sounds like quite the week. Love those shades of purple in your yarn. I just bought some scrapbook paper with many shades of purple too -- very fun, as well as pretty. Don't you think?


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