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We're about half way through the WPSH so let's see how we're all getting on. 

Here's a reminder of the rules and photo list for anyone who missed it the first time ... the Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt (WPSH) runs from December 1st 2022 to 31st March 2023; all photos must be your own work and must be taken between those dates, please.

There is a list of 20 prompts to find photos for, but up to three of these can be substituted using the alternative prompts at the end of the list if necessary. I've tried to think of prompts that can be found both indoors and outdoors, depending on local Covid restrictions but will add additional alternatives if it proves necessary.

It's not too late to join in if you are interested. Everyone is welcome and remember, the most important part of the hunt is to have fun! 

1. Seeing faces everywhere

2. An essential item 

3. Shadows

4. Sporting Life

5. A peek inside

6. A religious item or building

7. Water

8. Upside down

9. Wildlife

10. Winter berries

11. Hand or foot

12. This season

13. Point/pointed

14. Keeping warm

15. The oldest thing you own

16. Signs of spring

17. Tree bark

18. Something round

19. Something red

20. Something you can see through

Alt A. A Christmas decoration

Alt B. Winter sun

Alt C. Free choice


  1. Replies
    1. It needs to link to your WPSH post so that other can find it easily. We'll have to come up with how to differentiate between us in the future ... you can be 'Eileen' and I'll be 'EileenT' if you're happy with that? xx

    2. The problem is the blog is private so only the few who have chosen to read will see it. Never mind I will join in anyway. I'm thinking of starting a new blog sometime soon and that one won't be private, I don't need to hide away from the woman who has hurt me so much.

    3. That's okay. Adding your name to the linky list just tells your friends you've published your photos. If someone wants to see them who hasn't been invited to read your blog, you can make the decision then whether you want to authorise access. xx


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