Friday, 8 June 2018

A Garden Update

The garden is a mess! Unavoidable as I couldn't do anything once the problem with my eyes reared it's ugly head, but things are improving on that front so it's time to tackle the weeds. And the nettles. And the thistles. 

This is what it looked like a few days ago.

I've set myself a mini project to encourage me to work on this - by the end of June my aim is to have cleared the planting pockets you can see in the first photo and put down some bark or membrane to restrict the regrowth of weeds until I feel able to do the rest. I also want to tidy the rest of the pots and get them moved to their new positions (once I can persuade someone to do the heavy work!).

Since these photos were taken the roses have started flowering, as has the clematis and the other climber whose name I can't remember, and the crocosmia foliage is putting on a good show although no sign of the flower spikes yet! 

Now a bit of a quiz ... do any of you clever gardeners recognise these plants please? I don't remember planting them but did throw some seeds down last year, or are they weeds and so need to go?


  1. If you don't like them and don't want them they are weeds and can go. If you do like them then they are plants and can stay. It's your garden and you are boss. I have some plants in my garden, growing between the slabs but they are so pretty they can stay. However, the dandelions are going. My neighbour gasped with horror when she saw me hacking back the wisteria after it had flowered. I explained that it was creating too much shade and needed a haircut. It will either survive or die, either way it's my garden. She said she thought that was really liberating as she tended to let the plants dictate.

  2. The nice thing about weeding is that it doesn't take long to make quite a noticeable difference. Are some of them bulb leaves dying back. I hate that aftermath and always cut them back sooner than I should but they still come up beautifully, year after year.
    I love the layout in the photos.

  3. Such pretty space. looks quite peaceful on your patio. I agree with Ladkyis, it is your garden, you decide what is weed & what is not. The last photo looks like our wild phlox, the little orange flower looks like what we call scarlet pimpernel & the little tiny white daisy like flower looks like what we call wild Chamomile. a herb that is good for tea.

  4. Your garden looks lovely! I'd let the "weeds" grow, myself, because of their lovely flowers and often, bees and other pollinators like them. I agree with Patio Postcards, above: The flowers in the second picture, that look like daisies, might be a type of aster or chamomile, although, usually, the yellow center of chamomiles are dome shaped. The little red flower is a scarlet pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis), sometimes also known as red chickweed. The purple flowers look like phlox. I don't know what the flowers in the first picture are. But they all look very pretty!

  5. I agree that even in this state your garden looks lovely - a real retreat. A nice place to sit and read (or doze!). Hope the eye problems are on their way to a resolution.