Sunday, 10 June 2018

A Quiet Sunday

It will have to be an easy day today. I've woken with a bad headache and it's painful to move at all. I don't think it's the start of a migraine (thank goodness), it feels more like a pressure headache - as if there is going to be a thunderstorm, although there's no mention that we're due one on any of the forecasts. I've taken some tablets in the hope they will get rid of it.

Yesterday evening was spent quietly at home and, for a change, the Saturday TV was good and there were things on I wanted to watch. My first choice was the film 'Maleficent', which I'd missed when it was originally released in the cinema. An interesting twist to the tale of Sleeping Beauty and I enjoyed it, although it hasn't made the list of films I'd want to watch again. One home cooked chicken curry from the freezer later, and I settled down to watch the highlights of the Trooping the Colour ceremony. I love all of our traditions and would have watched the entire event in the morning if I hadn't had band practice. This was followed by the first episode of a detective series called Hidden. So far so good, and I wasn't put off by the occasional conversations in the Welsh language and the need for subtitles, but whether I'll actually remember to watch the rest of the series is another question completely - my past record shows that I won't! My final choice of the evening was 'Thor: The Dark World', just a bit of mindless superhero fantasy to finish off the day!

This morning so far, in addition to feeling a bit sorry for myself (headache, see first paragraph) I've finished reading the chosen book for the next book group meeting, 'This is Going To Hurt: Diaries of a Junior Doctor' by Adam Kay, which was very funny but also a worrying insight to the state of the NHS. I think there will be some lively discussions about it.

Despite how I feel today, I'm starting to see some payoffs from my efforts to improve my fitness. In the past week my daily steps have gradually increased and I'm averaging about 5,500 steps every day. It doesn't sound much but the good news is that there is still no severe pain from the knee injury and the constant pain from the arthritis is easing off a little. That in itself makes the effort worthwhile. I was contacted by the local coordinator about the referral for reduced gym membership and was delighted to be told that the reduced rate applies for a year, not the six weeks I'd previously been told. I'm booked in for my initial assessment on the 20th and, as I want to use the gym rather than the pool, will be given a bespoke exercise programme to follow, which will be reviewed after six and twelve weeks. 

I thankfully don't have any plans for today. I was going to take the garden waste to the skip but that can wait until tomorrow, so I'm going to go back to bed to see if some more sleep will shift the headache.  Hope you all have a good day. 


  1. I hope that your headache is well & truly gone now. Sometimes those days at home tending to yourself are just what any doctor would order. Great news about the gym membership. I've seen photos from The Trooping of The Colour, such a funny time with Savannah Phillips & Prince George.

  2. I can empathise. Hope you are rid of the headache asap!

  3. Sorry to hear about having a headache. Hope the pills and a nap helped and it went away. A quiet day at home is the best remedy, I'm sure. Hope you wake up feeling much better. Take it easy.