Tuesday, 12 June 2018


I'm too tired to think of a proper title for this post - sleep was elusive last night so I have no energy this morning. I didn't get to sleep before about 4:25 am (the last time I remember looking at the clock) and was wide awake again at 7:00 am. I don't plan on doing too much today although I do have to teach this afternoon.

I've been (trying) to make my final decision on what I want in the bathroom and ensuite. The only certainty is that I want white and I have chosen the replacement bath, which'll be ordered as soon as the sales start. I have an idea of the toilets for both rooms but need to hold off ordering until the work starts. I've narrowed the choice down to two styles but it all depends on whether the pipework, currently boxed in at floor level along two walls, can be hidden either below the floor or in the wall. Hopefully it can and then I'll buy the flat to wall toilet for each room but if not it'll be my second choice which will fit in over the boxed in pipes. The sink in the ensuite isn't being changed but it's the replacement one for the family bathroom which is causing the problems. I keep changing my mind about what I want! I originally wanted a counter-top basin but can't really find one I like in my price range, and most are too shallow to be  practical. There isn't enough room for a basin with vanity unit as the position of the toilet will prevent the doors opening properly. I'll have to take some measurements (again!) and trawl around the local bathroom showrooms looking for ideas.

My must do task for today is to place the adverts for the rest of the furniture I want to sell, and I'll do that when I get back after teaching. I've chosen, but not yet ordered, the new mahogany TV table/unit but still have to decide on the seating for the living room - I still can't decide whether to have leather or fabric but am going to have to make my mind up soon as it needs to be ordered. I also have to decide on the bedroom furniture. There's a new oak furniture showroom in town so that seems as good a place to start as any. It's just the bed and two small bedside tables needed as there are built in cupboards in the room for all my clothes.

Time for coffee, I think. Hope you all have a good day.


  1. Oh I hear you about sleep evading you - I also had a bad sleepless night & I do have to work a full on shift today. I may need coffee! One of my sisters redid all her bathrooms a couple years back & each one has the vessel style sink (raised bowl) they are really beautiful, art work really, but I find a little awkward for washing my face; hands are ok. Keep looking you'll find just the one you want. Pinterest has lots of ideas, have you tried searching there?

  2. Hope you slept well, last night! Good luck with choosing all the fittings and furnishings!

  3. Remove the doors and replace with curtains on tension rods.