Thursday, 14 June 2018

Waiting In ...

... for a couple of workmen today. One of the new French doors needs to be adjusted as it isn't closing properly, and I have someone calling in to quote for the cost of decorating once all the improvements are completed. I don't have a firm time for either person so am resigned to waiting in all day.

Yesterday didn't quite go according to plan as I didn't get as much done in the garden as I'd hoped. I've finished the weeding as planned but the planting was hard work as it is clay soil, currently rock solid, and the effort needed was causing pain in my eye so I gave up. The promised rain happened overnight so that may have helped and I'll try again later this morning. If I still can't manage it I'll have to admit defeat and ask for help.

The plant in the photo is a spirea. I think it's 'Little Princess' but am not entirely sure as it's one of the plants I bought from the 'save-me-I'm-dying' selection at the garden centre last year and it wasn't labelled properly. It's currently in a pot but will be replanted in front of one of the climbing roses to add a bright splash of colour to that part of the garden.


  1. That is beautiful and will give a lovely splash of colour. I agree about the ground being hard.

  2. Beautiful photograph of your flowers.

    I hope the rain helped, but I would definitely ask someone to help with the heavy digging.

  3. What a great close up photo, such a pretty colour. We are in desperate need of rain.

  4. There's nothing wrong with asking for help! I guess I would say that as I do it a lot, but I really believe it!
    A beautiful photo!