Saturday, 2 June 2018

Making Changes

I've been drifting through the last couple of weeks, not doing anything much and generally feeling dissatisfied with life, so it's time to make some changes. Apart from a couple of evenings spent with friends I haven't left the house and most days have passed without speaking to another person. If I'm not careful, this could become my new routine, not what I want at all, so I've spent the last couple of days reviewing and revising the lists I mentioned in this post to see what I can do easily and quickly - I now have only one school commitment (until July) so I don't need to wait any longer to start making the changes.

Physio finished this morning and I'm now waiting for the details about the offer for reduced gym membership. This is something I definitely want to do to strengthen the muscles in my legs so that walking and movement in general is less painful. The reduced membership is for twelve weeks so that'll be my focus to start with. Once walking is easier, there are plenty of walking groups in the area and my medium term aim is to be able to walk regularly with one of them. I have to wait for the initial assessment at the gym so will start walking around the house, garden and local area to rebuild my stamina while I'm waiting. My Fitbit is being recharged as I write this post!

I'm currently trying to join the local U3A but there is a problem with accessing the application form so am waiting for them to get back to me. Once membership is approved I'll try out a couple of monthly groups (family history and another book group) and a couple of fortnightly groups (scrabble and rummikubs), and just see how I get on. There's also Scottish dancing, a couple of photography options, and a local history/architecture if my first choices don't work out for any reason. I've rejoined the Wilts Family History Society which is another monthly activity to add to the list, and also signed up for a local film society which is a fortnightly event. With my friends from the monthly book group I organise, we now have a regular monthly quiz team and have also agreed to start going to the cinema more often. This next bit will make you laugh ... well, it makes me laugh anyway ... I've also been persuaded to have a go at playing table top Dungeons and Dragons with a group that meets on a Sunday. I used to play it years ago but as a board game ... I think this will be much more serious and hopefully, good fun. It all sounds a lot doesn't it but isn't that much - six evening and six daytime things each month, a couple of hours each event and the chance to meet some new people, plus band every Saturday and a daily fitness activity. There will be roughly thirteen/fourteen days every month when I have nothing arranged. 

Nothing much is happening on the house so it's definitely not going to be finished before September/October at the earliest. Eventually I'd like to be in a position to invite friends round for coffee mornings or for film evenings. One idea is to agree a couple of rolling monthly date with friends, for example the first Thursday of every month at 10:00 am (for coffee mornings) or the last Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm (for film nights) so people know to keep those dates free and whoever can make it, just turns up. This will hopefully do away with the need to organise arrangements to meet every single time but is something that I need to discuss with friends next time we all meet up. 

I'm off to meet a friend for lunch now so will be back tomorrow with part 2!


  1. Eileen I admire how you have tackled this head on & found yourself some wonderful solutions. It is so easy to slip into a routine of not going out, sometimes easier to say no. Mr Man & I find in the winter we tend to hibernate which is not emotionally healthy. I'm interested to hear how your Dungeons & Dragons group play out ... our little village has started an online group in the community centre which now has me wondering out loud to Mr Man.

  2. You're doing brilliantly! It sounds really interesting and I must look up U3A round here too.

  3. I am reading this with interest as I can see myself staying home all week long once I retire!