Monday, 4 June 2018

Making Changes Part 3

.... continuing from yesterday ...

I have a tendency to be messy and untidy aound the house so I've been making an effort to tidy up and put things away before moving on to whatever has grabbed my attention next. By keeping the place tidy, the hoovering, dusting  and general cleaning routine is easier to tackle because I don't have to spend any time tidying up before I can get started, so that aspect of life is becoming less of a chore. I'm not perfect at it yet, but am getting better. It's a habit I need to work on until it becomes second nature but I definitely like the fact that the house always looks tidy enough for any unexpected visitors.

I still have to finish sorting out all the paperwork. I've worked out my system for my personal papers now, have started creating space for how I want to manage it and just need to get on and finish clearing the backlog. I also need to create a space for all the band stuff I have here and keep it all together in one place. The obvious space is the empty shelves that'll be left once I've cleared the unwanted teaching resources and reduced the number of music books I want to keep for my own personal use. That's all a work in progress, but I hope to be on top of it all by the end of July. Once it's all sorted and everything has a place it should be easy to maintain. I'll keep Friday as my admin day - personal admin will probably take less than thirty minutes each week but the band stuff will vary so I'm aiming to contain it this one session every week rather than letting it take over my life, which is what seems to happen from time to time!

Part of putting my paperwork in order includes the need to update and maintain my 'when I'm gone' folder. I want to amend my will and am also thinking about investigating the cost of paying for my funeral. I know this all sounds a bit morbid but it will make it easier for the ones who have to deal with it in the future.

And finally, it's time to replace some of my clothes, which I'll make a start on as soon as I lose the first stone. I've bought three new tops for the time being and am using the 'one in - one out' approach, so three old tops have been cut up for rags. I've decided that this new stage of my life deserves a set of clothing suitable for the social life and more active lifestyle I'm planning.

That's it, I've finished wittering on! A garden update and a bit of a quiz tomorrow.


  1. I think investigating how to pay for your funeral (and other expenses) is a jolly sensible thing to do and I'm doing the same. I'm also updating my will and getting a Power of Attorney in place for the future. It costs a bit but I think it's well worth the money and the little bit of effort it takes.
    (we seem very alike in many ways)

  2. You are working hard with some great ideas to change things up. I like the idea of new clothes shopping with the idea of "one in - one out". Paperwork is a beast that needs constant taming in our house.

  3. I don't think it sounds morbid at all. Just plain sensible. We redid our wills last year for similar reasons as our circumstances had radically changed.

  4. Very sensible of you to plan for the future. I updated my Will a couple of years ago, just after being diagnosed with cancer, and did my medical directive, etc.

    I am messy around the house, myself, and really need to change that! I forget how many times I've cleaned and said, I'm not going to let it get to this point again, and yet, things pile up and I'm back at square one! It seems I am unable to keep things maintained!