Friday, 29 June 2018

SPSH - June Link Up

Here's my offering for No 18 | Currency; Coinage or Paper (the odd, the different, the beautiful). This is a nine shilling note, very similar to the 10 shilling note that was legal tender until 1971 except that the ten has been changed to nine. The legal note was known colloquially as a ten bob note. This nine shilling, or nine bob, note, never existed as legal tender and this particular one (only printed on one side) is a take on the phrase "as much use as a nine bob note" meaning a waste of time and/or useless!

My other photos for the hunt can be found by following these links:

Stripes, a framed view, and glorious green

Something that could be from a favourite book, movie or song

Field of plenty

Many thanks to Mary-Lou who is organising the hunt and who will list all the other participants on her blog.


  1. I had quite a morning chuckle over your nine bob note - that is an incredible find.

  2. What fantastic finds! I especially love the trees, they are absolutely amazing. Although I've heard the expression about the 9 bob note, I've never actually seen one!

  3. So interesting - I'd never heard of this, so I learned something new & now I'll understand if someone uses that phrase! Great find for the hunt!

  4. That's interesting! I've never heard of the expression! I like the name of the Chief Cashier! :)

  5. Never seen of those! Thanks for sharing Eileen!

  6. A beautiful piece of currency and a fascinating story.

  7. I've heard of "bent as a nine-bob note", for someone who is dishonest, but I have never seen one! Where did you get this? Joke shop or friend who happens to be a whizz on MS Publisher!?

    1. It belonged to my late partner. I don't know where he got it from but he had it for over twenty years. I've seen quite a few of slightly different designs over the years, all for sale for a few pounds. Some are printed on both sides and some, like this one, on only one side but none of them have the watermark and obviously don't have an image of the Queen's head.

  8. That's very interesting about the 9 bob note. Have had a look at your other finds. You have some lovely photos.