Saturday, 30 June 2018

Waffling On ....

I don't really have anything special to tell you so I'll just waffle on for a while ...

Thursday night at the Family History Society was better than I was expecting. I'm attending the Westbury branch of the society as the Trowbridge branch seems to have fizzled out through lack of enthusiasm, so I was a little worried that I wouldn't know anyone.  However, about twenty people turned up  and were all very friendly - a couple of ladies took me under their wings to make sure I knew where to get drinks, raffle tickets, and about signing in. This particular meeting was one of the members giving a talk on the history of policing in Westbury. He'd researched this himself and related the subject of crime, punishments and the establishment of the police force to events and individuals in the town. I'm very interested in local history anyway so this sort of thing was right up my street.

The talk, with questions and answers after, lasted about 8o minutes and this was followed by the raffle. I won one prize and selected a little illustrated poetry book of 'Warning' by Jenny Joseph. This is the one that starts ... 'When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.' ... and is one of my favourite poems. Next month is a members night, which apparently means that people ask for help with aspects of research they may be finding difficult, and the other members will try to help. I've been introduced to a man (can't remember his name) who is researching the village of Imber which is where one branch of my family originated from, so we will both take print outs next time to compare. I think this sort of evening will be a good opportunity to get to know the other members, so I'm looking forward to the next time.

Friday was spent very quietly at home, not doing much and trying to shake off the start of a migraine. 

This morning was band practice. It was a bit of a strange morning as over half the players were away - it's that time of year with Brownies and Scout camps! - so the band was very depleted. I ended up playing cornet instead of my usual tenor horn to support the young girls playing the 2nd cornet part, so spent the entire morning sight-reading a different part to the one I usually play. My brain is feeling very tired now! I don't think anyone played too well today, too hot and the kids were lethargic after a hot, busy week at school. Hopefully, next week will be better!

It's 'Armed Forces Day' and there's a big event in the park which carries on tomorrow so I may have a walk around tomorrow to see what what's happening. I know I can definitely get one photo for the SPSH but there may be the chance of others so I don't want to miss the opportunity.


  1. I'm glad your meeting on Thursday turned out to be better than expected and to read that you are looking forward to the next event. It sounds like a good way to make new friends. And that Jenny Joseph poem is one of my favorites, too. :)

    I hope you managed to fight off the migraine, on Friday.

    When do the schools go on summer vacations? Most of the schools here are on summer vacations, now. Do band practices end when the school term ends?

    I hope you are able to go to the event at the park, tomorrow, and have a fun time. Take care.

    1. The school term ends on Wednesday 25th July and the new school year starts again on Monday 3rd September. Band follows the school terms so practices will finish on Saturday 21st July and will start again on Saturday 8th September, meaning a nice long break for everyone.

      Yes, I did manage to get rid of the migraine before it got too bad, thanks.

  2. Your Thursday evening sounds extremely positive. Great returns on your efforts! And winning the raffle too. Hope this is the start of something really rewarding.