Monday, 25 June 2018

Monday Musings

After a riotous, but fun, band session on Saturday morning the rest of the weekend was spent quietly at home, just pottering around the garden and catching up on a couple of things around the home.

I'm making a conscious effort to slow down the pace of my life. My default setting seems to be to rush from one thing to the next and to keep going until I burn out and am forced to stop and recharge the batteries. There's no longer a need to be living like that as I don't have to fit things in around my teaching commitments, so I'm actively trying to find that happy balance between being busy enough (so that things get done), having time to socialise with family and friends, and time to simply enjoy my own company. It's a work in progress!

This week has been put aside for reorganising the cupboards in the music room and the upstairs hobbies room. I want to finish clearing out all the things I no longer want to keep. This'll be boxed up until I decide how and where to dispose of it. Once that's done I'll see how much space I have and then decide on new places for the the things I want to keep. It's one of those tasks that'll take ages, will make the place look a lot worse in the early stages, but which'll be worth doing and which I'll benefit from once it's done. Hopefully! 

The sunset photo was taken from the back bedroom window last night.


  1. Beautiful sunset photo. Sorting & tidying can be fun but also can bring on a sense of being overwhelmed. Take your time with that. We recently helped someone move from a house to a retirement apartment & I read all the books about this work, but it still was fraught with very high emotions. Life balance, ah now there's a task! :)

    1. I think it will definitely take longer than a week, mainly because of the heat. I managed about 40 minutes today before the heat got to me and it doesn't really look like I've done anything!

  2. I love a good sort out. Beautiful photo xx

  3. Beautiful sunset! I've been reading some articles about how to mentally prepare yourself for retirement! The realities vs. expectations. I realize each one is an individual and experiences may vary, but I am finding the articles to be interesting. Finding that balance between being active and just relaxing can take some time, I would imagine. One needs to decompress from being on the go all the time. Good luck with the decluttering!