Holiday Day 10

I met up with friends for breakfast/brunch and spent a lovely couple of hours catching up with all the news. Then they dropped me off at the World Museum to see the exhibition of the Terracotta Warriors, eight of which are currently on loan to Liverpool.

The exhibition was amazing, much better than I was expecting. Photography was permitted but it was low lighting and the use of flash was prohibited so, although I took lots of photos, I am only sharing a couple for now.

These are the eight warriors but there is so much more in the exhibition - cooking pots, armour, horses, bells, jewellery to name a few things. The exhibition covers life as it was then, not just about the reason behind the creation of the warriors. As I said, I've taken lots of photos but they will need to be edited before I can use them. If I can get them sorted I will write a post about this exhibition when I get home.

I'm off to Brecon tomorrow for my second HF holiday. It's another four hour drive but will take longer as I'll stop here and there on the way. Liverpool has been amazing and I've only scratched the surface of what the city has to offer so I'm sure there will be a return visit within the next couple of years. 


  1. What a truly amazing holiday you are having - I would love to see the terracotta army (well, the parts of it in Liverpool!)
    Margaret P

  2. Your travels have been so interesting to catch up with. I think the Terracotta Warrior's display would be just so amazing to see - such history, so old.

  3. What a lovely holiday you are having all around the UK

  4. Another post I shall be looking forward to


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