Tuesday, 14 September 2021


In the garden ...

It took me ages to get going yesterday but in the end it was a productive day from a decluttering point of view, even if I didn't manage to fit in another adventure. Five out of the seven buyers had paid so I packed up those items and took them to the local post office. I forgot that a lot of pensions are paid out on a Monday morning so it took ages - I waited in the car park until the queue cleared - and they've all been sent now. I'm hoping the remaining two will pay today so I can get those two packages out of the way as well. 

H phoned to ask if I will let her have all of the items I'm setting aside for a charity shop donation as she will be selling at car boot sales nearer Christmas to raise money for the local hospice. I'm happy to do that so I spent a good part of yesterday morning looking for all the bits and pieces I can donate - two boxes so far but there's probably more to find. H will collect the boxes towards the end of the week, so that'll be another load of stuff to leave the house; interestingly most of my late partner's stuff has now gone and I'm now sorting through my own things, finding quite a lot that I no longer wish to keep.

The rest of the morning was taken up with Tesco's customer service as I hadn't received the refund for the order they cancelled on Sept 4th. I tried to phone but with no real luck but surprisingly an email received an immediate response, an apology, and an assurance that the money will be refunded straight away which in banking terms means between 3 and 5 days. I'll be keeping an eye on my bank account to make sure the money arrives as promised. 

The style coach session was about cultivating confidence in yourself and in your personal style, and focused on dealing with the negative self talk that lots of people seem to do. I won't repeat the session here as it's pretty much covered in this article and there is plenty of information and suggestions on the internet if you are interested in reading more about the subject. Next session, or it may be next week, we move on to body types/shapes.

Last night I watched Only Connect followed by the next episode of the new series of The Brokenwood Mysteries and then had an early night.

Today, the only thing in my diary is my second choice for the Heritage Open Days, this one is a visit to see Eyre Chantry Chapel in Bath. I'm aiming to get there at 10am when it opens as parking spaces are difficult to find in that part of the city but there are a couple of spaces right by the chapel so I'm hoping to get in there. Depending on the weather I may go down into the city afterwards for a wander round Sydney Gardens or the Royal Victoria Park, but it is forecast to rain so if it does pour down I'll be quite happy with just seeing the chapel and then coming home to the warm and dry! This was originally going to clash with my piano lesson but at C's request I've changed to have lessons on a Wednesday.

I'll continue with the decluttering when I get home. 


My September decluttering challenge:

  • 1st = 2 stained storage boxes (to be recycled)
  • 2nd = a band fleece (only worn once so returning it to the band as I will never wear it again) 
  • 3rd = 3 sci-fi books (gifting to L)
  • 4th = digital photo frame (never used, sold to H)
  • 5th = a measuring jug (to be donated as I never use it)
  • 6th = a band tie (returning to the band)
  • 7th = unused greetings cards (I'm unlikely to use them so they will be donated)
  • 8th = a pair of shoes (one of the heels is wobbly, so only fit for the bin)
  • 9th = discoloured drinks bottle (in recycling bin)
  • 10th = one of the music bags I used for teaching (to be donated)
  • 11th = plastic storage boxes (I never use them, gifting to E)
  • 12th = broken candle lighter (to be recycled)
  • 13th = instruction booklets for items that I no longer own (to be recycled)
  • 14th = empty cotton reels (no idea why I kept these, now in recycling bin)


  1. Your rose is beautiful. Do people still go to the post office to collect their pensions on a Monday? My mother used to do that, go early and queue up to wait for the post office to open every Monday morning without fail. That's a good idea selling your bits and pieces at a car boot sale stall as I read that charity shops have been overwhelmed with donations but whether that's still the case or not I don't know. Unusual for Tesco not to have given you your refund but I'm certain you'll get it must be an oversight or something. I hope the weather stays fine for your planned visits today.

    1. I think collecting pensions from the post office is in the process changing but I suppose it will still apply to those people who have a bank account with them and want to withdraw the cash or who have retained rights in some way. I know I wasn't given the choice when I applied for my pension - payments have to go directly to a bank or building society account now.

      It makes it much easier for me to give the stuff to H and the local hospice will still benefit from my donations. Some of the charity shops are still restricting how much they're prepared to take from you.

      Yes, it had to have been an oversight with Tesco. I'm sure the refund will arrive in my bank account as promised.

      It was pouring down so I decided not to go out today

  2. Such a pretty rose! I love all the different colors on the one flower.
    You had a very productive day, yesterday! That's nice that you can give H the items to be donated so they can be sold to help the local hospice. I am making painfully slow progress with my decluttering, but, it is happening. I think having the donations pick up scheduled is helping me!
    I like the concept of developing your confidence about your personal style. It is something my daughter has been saying - that clothes look better on you when you wear them with confidence! :)
    I like your plans for today. I hope you have a very pleasant day and the weather is nice so you can visit a few other places, as well.

    1. My decluttering efforts seem to be gathering momentum. I'd be donating the stuff to the local hospice anyway so they won't be losing out by letting H have the things instead.

      The confidence side of styling is interesting. I think your daughter has it right and clothes do look better when you wear them with confidence ... I still have some work to do on that side of things!

      I changed my mind and am staying home. It was pouring down when I made the decision but has eased off a little since then. I feel quite chilled and can't get warm so I think I made the right decision.

  3. Your rose is lovely & it seems to be a good representation of how we are all different colours of the same bloom. Thank you again for sharing style info & the link. Fingers crossed the rain holds off & close parking spots open. :)

    1. We weren't set a specific challenge this session but she did suggest trying to come up with a couple of affirmations that will help boost your confidence.

      I abandoned the visit to the chapel ... too wet and too cold! I'm at home in the warm and dry instead ☺️