Monday 1st August

213/365: hibiscus

If you take a close look you will see raindrops on the hibiscus flower. Yes, we had some much needed rain yesterday, nowhere near enough but it's a start. There's rain forecast for the next four days and I'm really hoping that the forecast is correct as there were mumblings last week about water shortages if the dry season continues for much longer.

I've had a lovely weekend. I slowed right down and enjoyed a pleasant mix of reading, piano, chatting with friends, and cooking, and somehow also found time to unpack the rest of the boxes and put the contents away in the new dining room cupboards. All of the glass items still need to be washed but I'll wait to do that once I'm sure everything has found its right place ... there's bound to be quite a bit of reshuffling before I get to that stage. 

The only thing planned for today is meeting up with J this afternoon. She's coming here to see the dining room but we may go out afterwards ... if depends on the weather and how we are feeling at the time. I'd like to get started on placing some adverts, with the aim of getting them all placed this week. This is going to be my last attempt at selling and whatever doesn't sell will go to the auction house next month. I'll still be left with the instruments for now as the best time to sell them will be when the new school year starts in September as the music teachers will be taking on new pupils who will all be looking for instruments.

I haven't watched any TV for the last three days and will try to continue that for the rest of this week. I'm in the process of attempting to wean myself off of wasting time watching programmes I'm not really interested in, and also consciously seeking to reduce the amount of time given over to staring at a screen whether that's the TV, phone, or computer. It's a work in progress though because I need to break the habit of constantly looking at my phone!


  1. Not nearly enough rain and I do hope there isn't a water shortage and hosepipe bans. I read advice not to wash your hair every day, take shorter showers and let your lawns go brown. I don't have a smart phone but need to put my iPad down so I have the same sort of problem i suppose. Enjoy your time with J today.

  2. Lovely hibiscus and how wonderful to have some rain! M texted and said he had a 10 minutes downpour (he lives only a couple of miles away) and asked if I had one, too, but, it's dry as a dust bowl, in my area. Sounds like you have had a good weekend and well done getting all the things put away in the new cupboards.
    I hope you and J have a good visit and you have a lovely day. :)

  3. How we need rain here. Beeb doesn't think we will get any in the next fortnight, which is a bit sad but there you go!
    Have a lovely day. xx

  4. Here in Hampshire we have not had any decent rain for weeks, they are bring in a hosepipe ban later this week.

  5. Beautiful flower. Glad you had a relaxing weekend. We got rid of our television stations. We do have Netflix and Britbox. I couldn't justify paying the outrageous amount the company was charging for television that we didn't watch (only one or two shows a week). I used to have it on for noise, but now put on the radio or something. I didn't have it on during the day as I found I got even less done than I would (which isn't saying a lot lol).

    I love QI. It's very interesting.

  6. Hi Eileen,
    Beautiful hibiscus with raindrops!
    Here in Portugal it doesn't rain and we are in extreme drought and again with more fires.
    Excellent that you spent a peaceful weekend and that you are no longer wasting time with the TV. At night I still enjoy seeing something, but very little.
    I wish you a good and peaceful week.

  7. We had a tiny bit of rain here too today, but I think that's it for the next few days. Arilx

  8. Very pretty flower. Sounds like a good weekend. We are still without rain - moving into official drought status. :(

  9. Gorgeous hibiscus! We have definitely weaned ourselves off TV. Hubby catches baseball games, and I can watch about 15 minutes of news a day before I turn it off. If not for the occasional PBS show, I wouldn't miss TV a bit. I am having less success weaning myself off the phone, but honestly I don't have enough distractions on there to keep it from being frustrating when I am bored. I need to redirect that boredom elsewhere (and not into the kitchen.)


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